This is just too damn rich: Brian Williams, that’s right BRIAN “Mr. I was suspended for lying to the American people repeatedly” WILLIAMS, frets about “fake news”

I’ve been watching the “fake news” nonsense very closely. It seems to be a mix of partisans looking for a reason, any reason, why so many people just rejected Hillary and by extension Obama when in their opinion Clinton was clearly the superior choice, (Remember the whole email private server thing, and the Clinton Foundation money, and the quarter million dollar “speeches” to the bailout banks, and the get out of jail pass from Comey, and the rigged primaries,

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Washington Post says; “Trust in the media is at an all-time low. That’s a terrible thing for all of us.” (No it’s not. It’s a good thing.)

Interesting that Dems still trusted the media more than Republicans and independents all through the Bush years.

Of course The Post thinks the fact that the public no longer trusts it is a bad thing. That a small group of media outlets can no longer completely dominate the news “narrative” is terrible in the eyes of one of the #oldmedia outlets. We wouldn’t expect them to like it. But that people no longer trust the “media” particularly the “legacy,”

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The inside story of the implosion at NBC News and it’s anchor Brian Williams

Yikes. Life at NBC News sounds like a nightmare. According to this article from Vanity Fair, Brian Williams, the now disgraced newsman, sounds like a nightmare. There are few things worse than a powerful insecure person, and it appears Williams was certainly that.

Is this life at a news institution approaching the edge of irrelevance? Is this what the decline of a once great empire looks like?

Perhaps. We don’t have the answers yet.

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Jon Stewart finally really sold out. Too bad.

I have long been a fan of Jon Stewart. I even watched his talk show on MTV in the 90’s, The Jon Stewart Show.

I think at times he can be very funny. I think he is absolutely smart. But he has spent far far too long in the crony media echo chamber. He has luxuriated in the statist gazes of adoration for far far too long. He has gradually lost his real edge over the years and I am glad that he is retiring from The Daily Show.

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Will Brian Williams survive because he’s a “progressive”?

So he lied. Everyone does it. Right? That makes it OK then, right?

I certainly hope not. Williams lied and he should be fired. There are no 2 ways about it. There is no defense of what he did. There is no “misremembering” going on here. The NBC anchor is very clearly a liar.

And yet some people will defend him. Why?

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