The anti-Trump, George Soros sponsored Media Matters playbook for all to see, Download it while you can

David Brock and George Soros were tightly tied in with the Obama White House. Then they got slammed by Trump. Since being demolished they’ve coordinated an effort to derail the current president.

It’s spin. It’s political information warfare. Media Matters was the de facto Ministry of Information for Obama (and his sponsors). And they don’t like that they got housed. They don’t like that the everyday American raised their voice.

Trump ain’t perfect but at least he isn’t sponsored by George Soros like Obama and Hillary were.

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Media Matters, de facto Ministry of Information for President Obama runs headline; ‘The Media Outlets Poised To Become Trump’s Personal Propaganda Machine’

They have a point. Many of these media outlets (which are mostly small in relative terms) will be inclined to like Trump. But Media Matters needs to take a chill pill. Every major old media outlet with the exception of FOX and The Wall Street Journal have long been propaganda outfits for the corporatist Left (There is a non-corporatist Left media, in our opinion a more honest Left, Democracy Now! would be an example.) and for Obama specifically.

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30 Crock? NBC News Chief is Fired

I am sorry to see television news in the state that it is. It seems that since Fox has come on the scene and ghettoized the traditionally conservative news audience, the #oldmedia has felt free to let it all hang out.

How can MSNBC seriously call itself a journalistic entity when its slogan “Lean Forward” is essentially the same as the president’s, “Forward?” 

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