Just Leaked Trump Budget (And you can download too)

“With the interest of the American public in mind — and as nothing in this document would be deemed classified material — we are releasing this document for all to see.” – Third Way

This was obtained from Third Way, a generally big government friendly organization which got it somewhere from the bowels of DC. TW hates the budget which means it probably has at least some good stuff in it.

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Paul Ryan fails again? Democrats celebrate expansion of spending/cronyism in budget deal

Of course they don’t use the word “cronyism” or the term “crony capitalism.” But that’s what the $5 billion in additional spending is all about – cronyism. 

Included in the deal struck with Trump is increased taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (How such a thing could be funded by taxpayers at all is beyond me, but with a GOP Senate, House, and Presidency?) and a semi-bailout for profligate and utterly dysfunctional Puerto Rico. This is for starters.

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Trump Releases His First Budget Blueprint: Here Are The Winners And Losers

Every budget has winners and losers. (Hey at least we have a budget.) But the losers for too long have been the American taxpayers. This must change. There is perhaps some – some – hope here. Though that $54 billion for the Pentagon should be given back to the American people.

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Boehner: Shutdown of Homeland Security Department Possible

I certainly wouldn’t cry many tears if the Department of Homeland Security was actually shut down. (We unfortunately are not looking at a real shutdown – “shutdowns” never are.) In fact I think many Americans would be pretty darn happy if the DHS just faded away into the mist of American mistakes.

Like Dan Rather.

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