Trump Releases His First Budget Blueprint: Here Are The Winners And Losers

Every budget has winners and losers. (Hey at least we have a budget.) But the losers for too long have been the American taxpayers. This must change. There is perhaps some – some – hope here. Though that $54 billion for the Pentagon should be given back to the American people.

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Boehner: Shutdown of Homeland Security Department Possible

I certainly wouldn’t cry many tears if the Department of Homeland Security was actually shut down. (We unfortunately are not looking at a real shutdown – “shutdowns” never are.) In fact I think many Americans would be pretty darn happy if the DHS just faded away into the mist of American mistakes.

Like Dan Rather.

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“Virtually all the numbers reported in news coverage of the federal budget will be misleading at best”

I’ll say that “misleading” is too kind. The word “lie” is probably more apt. But it is an official lie so many people, even in 2015, after all we’ve gone through as a country, still buy the lie.

Fewer do than in the past but still too many.

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Congress Gave the Pentagon Billions for Programs it Doesn’t Want

Made in Ohio. Hey, Speaker Boehner is from there!

And the military is plenty happy to spend money. It’s like you handing your teenage son the Visa card, telling him to spend what he wants (which he of course does) and then absolutely insisting that said son needs a Ferrari, even though he swears he doesn’t want one.

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Harry Reid Calls Obamacare Medical Device Tax ‘Stupid’ – He’s actually right on this one. (Video)

And why does this tax even exist? Revenue?

No, it’s because when Obamacare was being put together by the White House, Congress, the drug companies, and the insurance companies, the medical device industry refused to go along. As such they were punished.

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