A declining Washington Post freaks out, whines, everyone who doesn’t agree with its heavily biased coverage is a Russian plant

I have serious issues with Warren Buffett but when he sold The Washington Post to Jeff Bezos I sensed that it was probably a good move for Buffett. Originally Buffett bought The Post because it was the chosen news source within the power circles of Washington DC. In addition to this important factor Washpo had a strong readership based in a wealthy city. Good for ad revenue. There was deep value in the publication. But, to Buffett’s credit he probably sensed the winds shifting (even if he did think Hillary was going to win) and sold The Post when he could before the real serious decline in value became too obvious and too expensive even for someone who wanted to revamp the newspaper for delivery on Kindle devices.

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Why Krugman, Roubini, Rogoff And Buffett Hate Gold

One of the common counters to the call for sound money (a real gold standard) is the quip; “What’s the real golden rule? Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” And then some silly half baked mix of Keynesianism and Marxism usually follows along with whatever the commentor picked up in their Econ 102 course years ago.

But the truth is gold rewards thrift (which many of the ruling economists despise, they want you to spend at all costs) and hard work.

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Buffett says if the government did THIS the Dow could hit 100K

Savers, you can forget about opting out of the stock market. If you want any kind of return you will get in the market and you will like it. So what if artificially repressed rates are crushing you? So what? Do you think you matter? Most of you savers will be dead soon anyway. You and your bank CDs. How quaint. Now pony up and buy some more stock grandma. Oh I’m sorry? You think there’s too much risk in the market?

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Crony, Obama era, Fed driven economy a boon to billionaires

“Now just do everything that is written down here and you are in the club. You want to be in the club don’t you Barack?”

In a previous post we noted that if the Koch Brothers really wanted to get even richer they’d be calling for larger government not a smaller one. Big government, absolutely, indisputably works for the already rich and connected. A small government which allows room for entrepreneurs and innovation on the other hand works for the middle class and those who are willing to work hard.

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Our Corporatist President: Obama gives a shout out to crony companies in SOTU speech

Obama knows in the end who butters his bread. Obama loves him some corporations and he gave a nod to a few last night. But in the State of the Union Address the president failed to mention many of the other companies which have shown him favor and which his administration has smiled upon.


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Nice Move: House Approves a Voluntary “Buffett Rule”

OK all you billionaires out there who worry about paying a lower percentage of your income in taxes than your secretary, here’s your chance to pony up—for the country.

The House of Representatives just passed the Buffett Rule Act with a voice vote. Now Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner (is he still a billionaire?) can give all they want to Uncle Sam just by checking a box and writing in a number.

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The Buffett Rule Is A Gimmick

The “Buffett Rule” would raise income taxes on those who earn over $1 million per year to 30%.

The president says (publicly) that it’s not about “fairness” or income redistribution, it is about closing the deficit. He admits that it won’t solve the problem but that the rule would be “a move in the right direction.”

Yes, that makes sense. It’s not like we have a bloated and antiquated New Dealish, centrally planned, government behemoth that gobbles up tax dollars and produces little in return or anything.

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