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Obama the Corporatist

Obama has a good game going, which mostly fools his progressive base. While railing against “corporate greed” he happily cozies up with the corporate greedy. It’s where the money is after all.

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Nice Move: House Approves a Voluntary “Buffett Rule”

OK all you billionaires out there who worry about paying a lower percentage of your income in taxes than your secretary, here’s your chance to pony up—for the country.

The House of Representatives just passed the Buffett Rule Act with a voice vote. Now Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Ted Turner (is he still a billionaire?) can give all they want to Uncle Sam just by checking a box and writing in a number. Assuming the Act moves through the Senate and gets to the president’s desk of course. And assuming the president signs it.

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The Buffett Rule Is A Gimmick

The “Buffett Rule” would raise income taxes on those who earn over $1 million per year to 30%.

The president says (publicly) that it’s not about “fairness” or income redistribution, it is about closing the deficit. He admits that it won’t solve the problem but that the rule would be “a move in the right direction.”

Yes, that makes sense. It’s not like we have a bloated and antiquated New Dealish, centrally planned, government behemoth that gobbles up tax dollars and produces little in return or anything. What we need to get our house in order is more money from taxpayers.That’ll turn things around in no time.

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More on the King of Cronyism, Warren Buffett

Legends don’t come much bigger than Warren Buffett. The man in Omaha, player of the ukulele, value investor, advocate of taxing the rich, friend of Barrack Obama, King of Crony Capitalism.

Wait, what was that last bit?

Yes, sadly Warren Buffett is not the advocate for capitalism and economic fair play that many of us thought he was. He is right up there, and perhaps surpasses Jeffery Imelt of General Electric, for the title of King of Crony Capitalism. (They both consult with the current administration.)

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