Statists gonna state, Argentina’s soon to be former crony president says she’s going to remain in the spotlight

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner apparently has no interest in bowing out of politics gracefully. Ala Nancy Pelosi she will remain in the political wings, waiting for an opportunity to reassert herself, keeping rivals from rising, and making sure her presence informs the political decisions of allies and enemies alike.

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Governments Are the Worst Polluters

We’ve made this point many times on this website. You know why the Colorado doesn’t flow into the ocean? Why Chernobyl blew up? Why BP felt it was safe (from a business standpoint) to drill 1 mile below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico? Why rain forests are being depleted around the world? Why the Aral Sea is no longer a sea? Why oceans are toxic waste dumps? Why nothing lives in the rivers in China any longer?

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Perhaps the best 5 minute geopolitical and economics lesson you’ll ever see. From the movie NETWORK

Ned Beatty isn’t totally right here but there’s a good bit of truth in what he says. Regardless below is one of the greatest scenes in all of cinema and everyone should see it.

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The best and worst states for taxes

I live in the Old Dominion, Virginia, mother of presidents and land of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. Our tax burden is on the edge of becoming overly burdensome. Thankfully there’s still enough sense in the commonwealth to keep the Northeastern interlopers in check. (They want Northern Virginia to become New Jersey.)

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Contractors That Defraud the Government the Most Also Spend the Most on Lobbying

It should be noted that when a contractor defrauds “the government” that company is really defrauding the taxpayers. And despite what some may believe, it’s not like the government is wholly unaware when big time sketchiness is going on. It’s understood to a large degree. It’s part of doing business for both regulators and the “regulated.” The numbers are so big. Sure, someone is going to scrape some of the cream. (This is the assumption.) It’s government contracting after all.

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Uber Starts Speaking Washington’s Language

What are they going to do? The system is crony to the core. Cab companies are calling in favors. Hillary is hinting that she has Uber in her (politically calculated) sites.

We need to work toward an economy where companies can operate without being shaken down on an ongoing basis by cronies. People (and companies) who are good at what they do want to play a fair game, or at least close to a fair game. They have a better chance of winning.

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Bill Gates says that capitalism cannot save us from climate change (He’s wrong even if global warming is a problem for humanity)

I won’t go into the details but I am reasonably informed about “climate change” or global warming, or whatever. I care about the issue. I once even moderated a discussion of a carbon tax on Wall Street. (The audience and panelists were generally pro-tax. I was the moderator only, I was not there to offer opinions.You know my position on taxation.) I respect many of the people who are concerned about climate change and who are working to address it in Washington and elsewhere.

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Ben Carson Upsets Washington Post for Questioning Fiat Money

The dotted line indicates where the dollar was detached from gold.

One the most important things about gold as a monetary foundation is that it forces financiers and economists to deal with reality. Gold is the North Star by which economies and currencies are judged. It’s been this way for millennia, and it likely will remain the case for many years to come. But we have detached our money from gold, and reality. In 1971 Richard Nixon severed the last ties the dollar had to gold.

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Minority of House Republicans join with Democrats to revive crony Ex-Im Bank, Sell out taxpayers – Again. (List of Members who let taxpayers down – Again.)

Boeing and GE want their Ex-Im Bank. They’ve had taxpayer underwritten loans for so long they feel like they are owed them. As such they have deployed their lobbyists in a full arm twisting offensive. In the chaos surrounding the impending Speaker vacancy the giant corporations want to make sure they get what they have spread money around Congress to get. They are calling in “favors.”

GE and Boeing aren’t going to let the free marketeers win easily.

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