ABC: DNC Email Leak Reveals Perks of Being Big Democratic Donor (VIDEO)

Versailles or Philly?

This is the political class, the crony class. These are the people who live off of the taxpayers. These are the people who think they can run your life better than you can.

And at the end of the video check out the look on the co-anchor’s face. It’s precious.

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Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New (renewed) Embrace at Convention

“Happy days are here again…”

Yes indeed. They are for K Street if Hills gets in the White House. Though Obama has been a ready friend to the lobbyists, banks, and other special interests (which we’ve chronicled extensively in the space) he sort of had to act like he wasn’t. Mostly for style reasons. But with the dawn of the Hillary era, and given the fact that everyone now knows the deal with Ms. Clinton, the lobbyists are shining up their wingtips and starching their collars.

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Charles Hugh-Smith – Why Real Reform Is Impossible: We Can’t Believe the Mighty Titanic Could Actually Sink

This one isn’t an uplifter but it is a sober assessment which deserves attention. Sobriety is a valuable thing, especially when dodging icebergs.

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Cashing In and Shaking Down: Airbnb hires Eric Holder to develop anti-discrimination policy

The fact that Elizabeth Warren and a few other Democratic senators are shaking down the company might have something to do with this new hire. This is business today. Just like Uber did, Airbnb has hired a White House crony for official cover. It’s Chicago politics writ large.

Pay me and you get to play.

(From The Hill)

“Airbnb is committed to building a community where everyone can belong,

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Lobbyists have raised $7 million for Hillary Clinton. For Trump? Zero

This is interesting. Trump is an unknown quantity. No one knows for sure what he’ll do, particularly the DC political class. As such Washington, an oddly conservative town in some ways seems to have picked its candidate. I’ll bet this number would have been more evenly split if say Bush had won the nomination.

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Two Delegates Propose Banning Corporate Lobbyists From the RNC, Get Crushed

People do have a right to lobby – as much as lobbyists may drive us nuts. It probably is also wrong to ban people by virtue of their profession from a gathering, though it must be said that the Republican Convention is technically a private gathering and so would be justified in restricting access. But this story does reflect the sad general reality of American politics. I mean, if lobbyists can’t come to the RNC what really is the point?

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Feds Regulating Wine Refrigerators (And nearly everything else on God’s green Earth)

There are people who for some deep psychological reason just want to get into other people’s business. (I am joking but I am also increasingly convinced that this is true.) They need to stick their nose into things. They honestly think that they know better. These people are attracted to government like luna moths to high school football flood lamps. They can’t help it. It is in their nature. They must tell people what to do. It satisfies a deep deficit somewhere in the bureaucratic brain.

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Elizabeth Warren sets the government loose on Airbnb, despite its middle-class benefits

There is great fear of the “sharing economy” among those who cling to the more rigid economy of the past.  In this case it includes big government Dems and hotel chains.

Airbnb, Uber, and similar companies challenge the old ways of doing business. They are unleashing latent capital and helping to liberalize the economy. (Which is what the senators and hotel chains fear.) These “sharing” companies are helping to create opportunity in an economy which certainly needs opportunities.

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The working classes vs. the smirking classes

Daniel Hannon from across the Atlantic puts his finger on the causes of much of the anger which is riling the West. The political class, the crony class, the smirking class, has taken the rest of us for granted while entrenching and enriching itself.

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Ex-European Commission head Barroso under fire over Goldman Sachs job

The below map is out of date but it gives one a sense of the breadth of Goldman’s reach. It has expanded since this map was created. For instance Mark Carney the Governor of the Bank of England is a Goldman alum.

One of the most interesting things about Mr. Barroso taking this job is how annoyed the pro-Europe people are with him. Goldman was anti-Brexit, so Barosso coming on board to help negotiate Brexit for Goldman is sand in the wounds of Brussels and Co.

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Uber happy to help Dems in Philly, Won’t do business with GOP in Cleveland

Both conventions will no doubt be ridiculous spectacles. But Uber feels that the spectacle in the City of Brotherly Love is more politically advantageous than hanging with Republicans. This despite the fact that Democrats across the nation have fought Uber’s efforts to expand at every turn and that both Clinton and Sanders have been highly critical of the company. (This is actually one of the main reasons Uber is passing on Cleveland of course. They are intimidated and figure Clinton will likely win so it’s not worth being “tarnished”

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