David Brock Again: Money Laundering Scheme Exposed – 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated

This is diabolical. David Brock, head of the de facto Ministry of Information Media Matters and all around crony apologist for Soros, Obama, and Clinton has a crazy thing going according to this report. Talk about churning a book of business. This is how to get rich in Washington DC.

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CEO of Gallup polling explains the quiet economic desperation of many Americans

Some people are mystified by the rise of Trump. Why does this man appeal to so many and indeed appears now to be appealing to many who had previously dismissed him? What is this economic insecurity we hear about? Isn’t the unemployment rate under 5%? That’s good right? Why aren’t people happier?

Because for many people life under Obama has gotten tougher, much tougher. The misguided policies from the Fed in tandem with a massive increase in red tape handed down from the current administration has retarded growth and real progress.

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YouTube Has Quietly Begun “Censoring” Journalists Who Criticize Government

Youtube, owned by Google (arguably the most crony company on the planet), is a private company. It can do what it wants. However that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t pay attention to this sort of thing. We must and it needs to be highlighted.

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Rand Paul Introduces Resolution to End Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

The Saudis have deep oil reserves and as such deep pockets. They are big buyers of arms, and especially so given its recent venture into Yemen and the perceived rise of a close to nuclear Iran. We do lots of weapons business with the desert kingdom.

But the Saudis are our “frenemies” at best. We tolerate them so that the world has access to Saudi oil. The 18th Century Wahhabi regime “tolerates” us because we have the biggest guns and we offer protection of the oil reserves.

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Markets Are Breaking Down India’s Caste System, Turning ‘Untouchables’ into Millionaires

Markets and free market capitalism offer a way out of poverty for many. Where people can work hard, retain the fruits of their labor, where opportunities in the marketplace can be exploited, wealth can be created. Where markets are closed, where commerce is wrapped in red tape, where a bureaucrat or tax lurks around every corner wealth is retarded. One of the reasons, if not the main reason, why many poor countries remain poor is because the powers that be in those countries refuse to free up markets.

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Bill Clinton used tax dollars to subsidize foundation, private email server

This is one of the ways the crony system works. Find a stream of income, technically authorized by Congress and then exploit the hell out of it. Such abuse is widespread. For instance former Speaker Boehner still gets hundreds of thousands per year from American taxpayers to maintain a staff and office on Capitol Hill. He will for another 4 years.

So Bill Clinton isn’t the only one on this gravy train. But he might be one of the boldest.

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Crony Capitalism is a Feature (Not a Bug) of Obamacare

We have long asserted this. Obamacare is/was good for the insurance companies, the pharmaceutical companies, the drug stores, all sorts of large vested interests. The lobbyists for these interests wrote large pieces of the legislation.

Obamacare is a vehicle for cronyism. That is its nature. That is what makes Obamacare Obamacare.

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Google, IT department to the crony system?

No kidding, Google officially dropped this motto a couple of years ago.

Oh Google, I do miss the days of “Don’t be evil.”

But that’s all long gone now though huh? And Google isn’t pushing Goldman Sachs aside as the attached article argues, so much as it is becoming the IT department of the crony system.

So let’s see. There’s Government Motors and Tesla for cars. Government Electric for all things “green” energy. Government Sachs for crony investment banking.

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Guess what? Food Stamps are big time CORPORATE WELFARE and many in the GOP love it

As we’ve said before, our food stamp program is a huge source of revenue for the food manufacturers. Designed, at least originally, and at least in theory, as a way for poor people to have enough to eat, EBT (food stamps) has become a way for vested interests to fleece the taxpayer. The big food companies love it. Soda? OK. White bread? Sure. Cookies? Absolutely.

Then after a lifetime of poor eating, subsidized by the taxpayer,

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Trump’s economic advisers are also his biggest donors

Dennis Rodman was NOT however named to the economics team.

I can’t say that this is in any way surprising. This sounds about standard operation procedure for Trump. And given the fact that most of Wall Street is circling the wagons around Hillary it is even less surprising.

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Goldman Fined 0.1% Of Revenue For “Criminal Theft” Of Confidential Fed Information

This, dear readers, is how it works. The rules, as we saw with the Comey announcement a few weeks ago do not apply to everyone. Some people and banks are even too big to even embarrass or shame, never mind fail or jail.

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