Audit the Pentagon before we increase defense spending by tens of billions

What a novel idea! Maybe we should figure out where we are wasting billions and billions of dollars before we start spending billions and billions more. I know it’s a crazy notion, but maybe we should give it a shot. I mean it’s only our money right?

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WSJ: California’s Rise and Fall, From One Gov. Brown to Another (Cali IS NOT headed in the right direction)


It’s not the 3rd world yet.

California, what can I say? I love your redwoods, and Big Sur, Monterey, your tax revolt in the 1970s, even weird old San Francisco. (I really do.) But man, you guys have just gone off the deep end.

So are you just going to tax yourselves into oblivion? Is that the idea? Are you going to chase every small business out of the place? (I mean if I was a small startup I’d sellout to Facebook or Apple too,

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“Big lessons are being learnt by India Inc, which is facing a gut-wrenching, cleansing process that is unprecedented in our history of crony capitalism.”

Big shifts in India. There has been an ongoing anti-crony fight there for years now. There is even a Facebook page (not affiliated in any way with us) called India Against Crony Capitalism. And it appears that some headway has been made. We certainly hope so. If India can shed its history of statist cronyism (a very tall order) it will be poised to become the country it seeks to be in the 21st Century.

We wish India the very best of luck.

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The Dow has rallied 3000 POINTS since Donald Trump was elected, Media silent

People seem confused by this rally. Really a rally on top of a Fed induced (to a very large extent) bull market extending back many years. How can this be, some wonder? Trump is bad news. How could the market tick up, solidly and definitively, in the wake of Trump’s election?

My feeling, and it is only this, and it is sure to contradicted by many a CNBC Squawk Box special guest, is that investors are just relieved that Obama is gone and that America dodged the Hillary bullet.

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This is what globalized crony capitalism looks like, GE’s (former) CEO Jeff Immelt

He was one of the crony “kings” until yesterday. Once the toast of the Obama White House, (he headed the “Jobs Council”) the shareholders of General Electric gave him the ole’ heave ho earlier than expected.

Of course Immelt leaves the scene an extremely wealthy man and much of this wealth comes courtesy of US taxpayers.

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At $75,560, housing a prisoner in California now costs more than a year at Harvard

Prison is WAY easier to get into than Harvard however.

There is big time money in the incarceration business. Many people (certainly not all) are paid very well to run our country’s prisons and jails. Particularly in California.

Now ask yourself. Would you want to end the unjust drug war if it meant losing your 6 figure job?

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Why the Democrats are making a big mistake by obsessing over Russia


The Democrats are in many respects a regional party now. The current obsession with Russia and the effort to take Trump down, at what seems almost any cost has become clinical. The Dems seem to have divorced themselves from reality and now wring their hands – gollum like – as they contemplate Trump’s downfall. It’s weird. It is bad for the country to say the least. And it isn’t good for the Dems.

Consider that Maxine Waters is now held up as a leader within the party.

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