Of course the establishment is freaking out over Brexit. What did you expect?

On Friday the world changed. Brexit became reality. The old order was dealt a serious and very public blow. The “establishment” defined by the big banks, the big corporations, and big government was shocked. They couldn’t believe it. How could it be that Britons rejected the system they had spent so many years constructing, a system from which they the cronies had greatly profited?

The media likewise continues to howl in an almost existential bay at the great political wheel in the sky.

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#Brexit: What Britain and the world is fighting, In some ways Brussels makes Washington DC almost look like “small government” (VIDEO)

Check this out. What a nightmare. A bureaucratic wonderland of unaccountably, red tape, and crony capitalism. Why would anyone want to be a part of this? Check that, why would anyone who wanted to be a free person want to be a part of this?

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Why Do You Need a License to Braid Hair?

Occupational licensing makes life difficult for millions of would be entrepreneurs across this country.

In most cases such licensing is merely a way to restrict competition. Want to braid hair? Go get a license. Can’t afford the license and the ridiculous time requirements for a license? Well, too bad. Guess you don’t have what it takes to braid hair.

And the same goes for all sorts of occupations, even lemonade stands in many places.

This red tape contributes to poverty.

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Vote with your dollar, it might be the most important vote you have (VIDEO)

Vote here.

Yes this is an old video of Woody Harrelson. Yes, he has probably said a million things which are completely wrong. But in this clip he is basically right. Vote for what you want at the grocery story, at the car dealership, at the bank. In a private economy where responding to the customer matters, you have considerable power.

In a world dominated by government, your power is greatly diminished however.

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Crony media not trusted by public anymore, trust in banks, religion also has eroded

This is a direct reflection of the Internet revolution.

People have always questioned the established order of a particular time. They had hunches that something was amiss. That the whole story wasn’t being told. Now people can follow their hunches more easily by going online.

It’s not so different from what happened with the printing press.

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(Are you ready?) Under My Skin: The New Frontier Of Digital Implants


I’ve been following digital implants and under the skin RFID chips for over a decade. Interestingly the first responses to my posts were incredulous mixed with off the wall conspiracy rants. Then as the reality of such devices has increasingly rushed toward us people have begun to think seriously about what it means to have a tracking chip embedded in their person. What does it mean that the device which holds your financial information also houses you medical information?

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Bilderberg 2016: We can expect desperate lobbying against Brexit from Big Business

There’s a press tent this year. That’s new.

As Boris Johnson says in the post we did earlier this morning, JPMorgan is underwriting the “remain” side of the Brexit vote. The big banks, the big crony corporations, the government cronies in Brussels and across Europe do not want to see Britain leave the European Union. Such a move will be a sharp rebuke of the current economic and political order on the Continent. (Not that Britain is The Continent –

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Tale of Trump and partner in Azerbaijan real estate project

It has been my experience that real estate guys are generally of a kind. They like to leverage up and often think they are smarter than they actually are. They’ll ride a rising tide and then crash on the rocks when the economy deteriorates. (But this is certainly not always the case.)

Real estate can also be an extremely crony business. Who gets what permit? Do the union construction guys show up on a particular day? What of the homes (and sometimes lives) demolished to make way for a new development?

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The Anger of the Unprivileged Is Rising Globally

This goes nicely with the previous post.

People are waking up. They are using the information at their disposal. Do not take this information for granted.

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