Google, IT department to the crony system?

No kidding, Google officially dropped this motto a couple of years ago.

Oh Google, I do miss the days of “Don’t be evil.”

But that’s all long gone now though huh? And Google isn’t pushing Goldman Sachs aside as the attached article argues, so much as it is becoming the IT department of the crony system.

So let’s see. There’s Government Motors and Tesla for cars. Government Electric for all things “green” energy. Government Sachs for crony investment banking.

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Guess what? Food Stamps are big time CORPORATE WELFARE and many in the GOP love it

As we’ve said before, our food stamp program is a huge source of revenue for the food manufacturers. Designed, at least originally, and at least in theory, as a way for poor people to have enough to eat, EBT (food stamps) has become a way for vested interests to fleece the taxpayer. The big food companies love it. Soda? OK. White bread? Sure. Cookies? Absolutely.

Then after a lifetime of poor eating, subsidized by the taxpayer,

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Trump’s economic advisers are also his biggest donors

Dennis Rodman was NOT however named to the economics team.

I can’t say that this is in any way surprising. This sounds about standard operation procedure for Trump. And given the fact that most of Wall Street is circling the wagons around Hillary it is even less surprising.

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Goldman Fined 0.1% Of Revenue For “Criminal Theft” Of Confidential Fed Information

This, dear readers, is how it works. The rules, as we saw with the Comey announcement a few weeks ago do not apply to everyone. Some people and banks are even too big to even embarrass or shame, never mind fail or jail.

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Who cares who hacked the DNC? , The real story is that the DNC appears corrupt and actively worked against Bernie Sanders

Somewhere along the way the “official” media sources got the official line. –  Focus on an assertion by John Podesta Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, who has his own ties to the Russians, that the Russians are behind exposing that the Democratic National Committee was working on behalf of Hillary Clinton in the primary process and against Bernie Sanders.

No one in the government to our knowledge has confirmed this assertion. But even still, where the leak came from is not the issue.

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How easy is it to hack voting machines? Pretty easy

People have talked about this for years. Bring the name Diebold (the biggest vote machine company) up with a certain group and one is likely to hear much on how vulnerable voting machines are. But most people have dismissed such talk. They shouldn’t have.

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Barack Obama Will Be The Only President In History To Never Have A Year Of 3% GDP Growth

Wonder why a large part of the population is spitting mad? This is a big part of it.

Yet another indictment of Keynesian Kult nonsense. Had we let the markets clear post 2008, the stock market, the housing market, other markets, we would have had robust and real growth in relatively short order. People would have been able to build on honest to goodness, market for-realsies growth. But markets must clear for the economy to heal itself.

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The Economist says the political divide is between “globalists” and “anti-globalists”, no it’s the political class versus everyone else

In the attached article The Economist frets that the trend toward “globalism” (their word) is in jeopardy. And what the magazine or “newspaper” calls globalism is indeed being challenged. The headlong march toward transnational governments embodied in the European experiment is under attack. And for good reason. People feel disenfranchised.

The average person sees a “global order” (again The Economist’s words) which cares little for the “pedestrian” interests of the middle class. The bourgeoisie sees a rising crony class,

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ABC: DNC Email Leak Reveals Perks of Being Big Democratic Donor (VIDEO)

Versailles or Philly?

This is the political class, the crony class. These are the people who live off of the taxpayers. These are the people who think they can run your life better than you can.

And at the end of the video check out the look on the co-anchor’s face. It’s precious.

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Lobbyists Celebrate Democratic Party’s New (renewed) Embrace at Convention

“Happy days are here again…”

Yes indeed. They are for K Street if Hills gets in the White House. Though Obama has been a ready friend to the lobbyists, banks, and other special interests (which we’ve chronicled extensively in the space) he sort of had to act like he wasn’t. Mostly for style reasons. But with the dawn of the Hillary era, and given the fact that everyone now knows the deal with Ms. Clinton, the lobbyists are shining up their wingtips and starching their collars.

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