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We said Obamacare was a crony capitalist jack for the insurance companies, Now even the New York Times agrees with us

It’s about time, but it’s too late now. I guess there is some comfort in knowing that the even the statist Gray Lady sees what Obamcare actually is. Though I am going to guess that the New York Times editorial board isn’t going to come out for repeal even though the program was sold with out and out lies and is pouring billions in taxpayer dollars into the pockets of the health insurance companies.

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Why Wall Street loves Hillary

For the bankers the main issue is who will keep the current implied bailout regime in place? Who will let the Federal Reserve do what it does without criticism? Who will keep the light from shining on them? Who won’t question the current system of debt piled on debt piled on debt. Who will happily do The Street’s bidding?


Hey Hillary, you’re “pragmatic.” You look pretty good. Here’s $100 million. Now go knock em’ dead.

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What’s really behind the so called “net neutrality” push? Part of it is Netflix versus Comcast

I like Netflix as much as the next guy. Great shows. Pretty good movies for the most part. It’s a good company which delivers a high quality product at a reasonable price. And House of Cards which is produced by Netflix is a favorite in my house.

But people should be aware that the president’s recent pronouncement in support of “net neutrality” has a long back story. A giant part of this story is Netflix and by extension the entertainment industry not wanting to pay for overwhelming ISP networks.

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The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

Hernando de Soto is one of my favorite economists. (Though as with almost anyone I disagree with him on some important points.) A champion of capitalism and everyday people he is my kind of guy.

His argument basically goes like this:

Poor people are shut out of economies. Cronyism and red tape make building businesses almost impossible. In many countries the poor remain permanently on the margins of society. The poor typically have no property rights (even if they’ve been on a piece of land for generations for instance) and enforceable contracts do not often exist. As a result this situation limits access to capital – no one will provide a loan on a piece of property for which there is no deed – which then keeps the poor poor.

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‘Weak and uneven’: IMF cuts global growth forecast (Video)

The CNBC guys poo poo the report, which is to be expected. David Faber particularly and he is on occasion very good. But the world is feeling wobbly to say the least. Post-2008 wobbly which is pretty wobbly. That the stock market has done as well as it has in the US, even considering all the juice from the Fed is pretty crazy, but a continued run is looking less and less like a prudent bet.

But that’s not new.

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