Cabbies (likely cabbies) go berserk in Mexico City, attacking Uber drivers (Video)

The enemies of progress (real progress) always lash out when bested. They fear the market. They fear the free flow of prices and the competition it brings.

Things change. Buggy whip companies go bust. So do cab companies. Sorry, my suggestion is that you learn how to do a better job than the Uber drivers.

Most of us over the age of 35 have seen massive changes to our livelihoods. I certainly have. This is the nature of the economy.

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How Uber faced off against New York’s mayor and won

Say it with me…”Whah whah whah…”

Good on ya Uber.

If you can make it, and beat the cronies in New York, you can make it anywhere. Take that cabbie cronies.

Of course Bill deBlasio is still going to try to make Uber pay for part of the Subway system. We’ll see about that. Right now the mayor is huddled up in Gracie Mansion licking his wounds and wondering how he got beaten so badly.

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Cabs Strike In Chicago Against Uber; Uber Drivers Presumably Report Uptick In Business

Sorry Chicago cabbies but times change. Looks like the threat to out gay alderman who voted to let Uber operate in the city didn’t work. Now the cab drivers have resorted to driving around honking their horns in protest. Seems it would be wiser to instead focus on raising the quality of their service.

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