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GOP megadonor Sheldon Adelson (and casino tycoon) faces conservative rebellion over online gambling (his opposition to it)

Adelson has a giant checkbook. He has done very well over the years as the head of Las Vegas Sands. That is why nearly every GOP presidential hopeful (except Rand Paul) went to Las Vegas earlier this year to see if they could wrangle some of the magnate’s largess. Kiss the ring and then perhaps political funding will be showered upon you. A jackpot of sorts. Adelsohn is in the business of “jackpots.”

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Why Wall Street loves Hillary

For the bankers the main issue is who will keep the current implied bailout regime in place? Who will let the Federal Reserve do what it does without criticism? Who will keep the light from shining on them? Who won’t question the current system of debt piled on debt piled on debt. Who will happily do The Street’s bidding?


Hey Hillary, you’re “pragmatic.” You look pretty good. Here’s $100 million. Now go knock em’ dead.

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Chief Executive Magazine: Why Crony Capitalism Hurts Us All

C.J. Prince, the author of this article does an excellent job of examining crony capitalism and the associated dangers to the economy. Crony capitalism does indeed hurt us all. Even Boeing and GE will likely be hurt in the long run. If the USA becomes a truly cronyist economy growth will limp along (if we are lucky), dynamism within the economy will suffer from lack of oxygen, wealth will slowly erode away from the middle class, and we will wake up one day and find ourselves outclassed by freer economies in other parts of the world.

The American Dream is being chased out of America by the cronies.

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The Capitalist Cure for Terrorism

Hernando de Soto is one of my favorite economists. (Though as with almost anyone I disagree with him on some important points.) A champion of capitalism and everyday people he is my kind of guy.

His argument basically goes like this:

Poor people are shut out of economies. Cronyism and red tape make building businesses almost impossible. In many countries the poor remain permanently on the margins of society. The poor typically have no property rights (even if they’ve been on a piece of land for generations for instance) and enforceable contracts do not often exist. As a result this situation limits access to capital – no one will provide a loan on a piece of property for which there is no deed – which then keeps the poor poor.

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The (all too) Sane Case for Auditing the Fed

By far the most secret and least accountable operation of the federal government is not, as one might expect, the CIA, DIA, or some other super-secret intelligence agency. The CIA and other intelligence operations are under control of the Congress. They are accountable: a Congressional committee supervises these operations, controls their budgets, and is informed of their covert activities. It is true that the committee hearings and activities are closed to the public; but at least the people’s representatives in Congress insure some accountability for these secret agencies.

It is little known, however, that there is a federal agency that tops the others in secrecy by a country mile. The Federal Reserve System is accountable to no one; it has no budget; it is subject to no audit; and no Congressional committee knows of, or can truly supervise, its operations. The Federal Reserve, virtually in total control of the nation’s vital monetary system, is accountable to nobody – and this strange situation, if acknowledged at all, is invariably trumpeted as a virtue. – Murray Rothbard from (the original) Case Against the Federal Reserve

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Washington Post: The middle class is poorer today than it was in 1989

It’s not that this information is new. We’ve written about this situation multiple times before and so have other sites. But that the very establishment Washington Post is letting this little ray of truth shine out to its generally liberal readers is what is important here.

Pretty hard to ague that Obama has been anything close to a successful president when these sorts of stats stare one in the face.

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Ex-Im to finance $1B Mexican oil and gas deal (Ha ha suckers!)

There is absolutely no legitimate reason why this deal is being done through the Ex-Im Bank. None. It is simply a gift to the state Mexican oil company and the American contractors which will supply Pemex. That’s it. This deal could easily have been done through private banks. But hey, if you can get the US taxpayers to subsidize a credit line why not get them to do it?

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No, America Isn’t Communist; It’s Only 70% Communist

Think we’re being over the top here? We’re not.

I always have to laugh when people talk about how the “free market” has failed etc. etc. We don’t have a free market. We have a deeply regulated and highly crony market. Where the market is actually allowed to work it works. But in most of the economy planners plan and parasites suck the vitality out everything. It’s hard for a dog to be healthy if it’s racked by worms, fleas, and ticks.

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