Ex-Delta CEO Bashes Domestic Airlines, Embraces Subsidies (For Amtrak)

That we have a government owned – government owned – passenger rail line in this country really is an affront to what this country is supposed to stand for. Either it should be private, or it should not be. I mean if it’s not profitable why do we have it? Is it just that some members of Congress have a thing for trains and socialism? Well, yes, that is the case. But the Amtrak employees aren’t very keen on privatization either.

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Trump Administration Seeks to Avoid Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord

“See, these people only want what is best for Americans…You can trust them.” 

Trump’s instincts were right on this to begin with. Or maybe they were Steve Bannon’s. Either way they were correct. The Paris Climate Accords should not include the US. We should not agree to the system of global income redistribution (sure to go to cronies in the “developing world”) that is embedded in this “climate” accord.

Climate change is an issue that should be explored and considered.

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The Communist in City Hall: New York mayor calls for end of private property

Let’s remember that Mr. De Blasio spent his honeymoon in Cuba and was an advocate for the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Big surprise that he doesn’t like private property, the foundation of a free society.

Here we see De Blasio securing a deal for $150,000 worth of “supplies” for the communist Sandanistas. Thankfully in the next year the communists around the world saw their world come crashing down.
Image: New York Times

This is truly disgusting. We see a wannabe Castro in City Hall.

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Forget Wall Street – Silicon Valley is the new political power in Washington

You would think that tech people would know to fight statism, but no. Of course crony capitalism is tantalizing and as such tech has followed the siren song just like other industries. It didn’t – at least not whole hog – for a while.

But those days are long gone. Then add the scourge of political correctness that infects the Bay Area and one can see the problem. This is where the thought police – or at least their enablers –

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Will We Soon Return to Fighting Over Confederate Monuments?

As has been widely observed, natural disasters have diverted our attention, and another hurricane may be on the way. But while our attention is focused elsewhere, it might be a good time to ask why we have been fighting over this at all. Is it because people feel strongly about the issue? Or might there be another reason?

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What is sometimes called “crony capitalism” is just Pareto’s “bourgeois socialism.”

Big government is a religion. It is a failed, 20th Century religion built on a foundation of mythology and hope for heaven on earth.

Socialism is a cult of materialism that has enticed many of the best minds of the West over the last century it must be acknowledged however. But belief in the socialist dream is largely a reflection of a broad fashion, a meta-narrative that most socialists don’t (in my experience anyway) know they operate in.

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Want to make BANK? Be a CEO of a taxpayer funded non-profit, $870,000/year for Urban League head

This is a shocker. People in the poverty business making huge piles of money? Who would have thought? I mean it’s not like the people at ACORN were crooks. Or Al Sharpton. Or Jesse Jackson. Or the people who run much of places like Chicago, Detroit, New York, and LA. No no, these people are for helping the poor. Selfless servants seeking justice. No way they are lining their own pockets and scamming the tax base.

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The Dow has rallied 3000 POINTS since Donald Trump was elected, Media silent

People seem confused by this rally. Really a rally on top of a Fed induced (to a very large extent) bull market extending back many years. How can this be, some wonder? Trump is bad news. How could the market tick up, solidly and definitively, in the wake of Trump’s election?

My feeling, and it is only this, and it is sure to contradicted by many a CNBC Squawk Box special guest, is that investors are just relieved that Obama is gone and that America dodged the Hillary bullet.

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