Ex-European Commission head Barroso under fire over Goldman Sachs job

The below map is out of date but it gives one a sense of the breadth of Goldman’s reach. It has expanded since this map was created. For instance Mark Carney the Governor of the Bank of England is a Goldman alum.

One of the most interesting things about Mr. Barroso taking this job is how annoyed the pro-Europe people are with him. Goldman was anti-Brexit, so Barosso coming on board to help negotiate Brexit for Goldman is sand in the wounds of Brussels and Co.

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Friends in Low Places: Where The Real Lobbying Happens

Jesse Eisinger at ProPublica tells us to forget about the revolving door for the bigwigs like Mary Jo White at the SEC. The real action happens at the lower levels were people don’t pay attention. It is in the anonymity of the bureaucracy where the deeds are done, corpses buried, and favors paid.

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