The Economist Who Exposed ObamaCare

“You, taxpayers, are gonna pay.”


Boy, the Congressional Budget Office report which showed that Obamacare will further reduce the number of people in the workforce sure threw the White House for a loop. It spent most of Friday trying to explain the report away.

They failed.

The train wreck just continues to pile up.

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Is the Congressional Budget Office Just a Tool For the Big Banks? Another Whistleblower Letter. publishes former CBO economist Lan T. Pham’s open letter where she asserts was she was discouraged from exposing the real nature of the mortgage “robosigning” challenges faced by the big banks in 2010. She says that CBO Chief Economist, and MIT professor, Dr. Deborah Lucas came down on her for highlighting these issues in a letter to Congress. Ultimately Ms. Pham was dismissed from her position.

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