What happens when a country cracks down on fake news? Ask China

The term “fake news” should pretty much always be in quotes. “Fake news,” probably for the most part is code for news that reflects poorly on the powers that be. Fighting “fake news” isn’t about fighting conjured rumors or false stories. It’s about controlling the conversation.

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Facebook to enlist heavily biased Snopes.com, Washpo, ABC to determine what is “fake news” and what isn’t?

Facebook is a private company and it can do what it wants. Facebook has also been for the most part a good company to work with as far as ACC is concerned. But to rely on Snopes, The Washington Post, and ABC to determine what is real news and what is “fake” news is ridiculous. Snopes is often just flat out wrong and is always biased toward statist, establishment news. It is not some independent arbiter of information, it is an ideological tool.

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Truly open social media? New site with momentum, GAB

We post this for our readers’ information. Whether GAB takes off is an open question. (To say the least.) Most social media alternatives have a hard time carving out a space for themselves these days. But GAB says that it will truly be a censorship free platform. In that case it’s at least worth checking out.

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The Coming Free Speech Apocalypse

There was a time in this country when liberals were the ones who called for free speech. They marched for it. They fought for it. Berkeley Free Speech – Berkeley – was a real thing. Now however the sons and daughters of this crowd have embraced the totalitarianism their parents and grandparents fought against. It’s not supposed to be totalitarianism. It’s supposed to be “inclusive.” But we stare now at a mini-dark age in academia and in the media.

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Why in the world does Twitter consider THIS “sensitive material”?

We did a similar story on this sort of thing a few months ago but in light of the recent Facebook flap over “conservative” news we thought we’d post another one about Twitter.

In my Tweetdeck feed this tweet came through tonight. I don’t follow this person. He just used a hashtag I follow.

I decided to see what was so offensive that it needed a trigger warning so I clicked on “view content.”

This is what the uncensored tweet looked like.

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Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going after five comedians who made fun of the former Secretary of State in standup skits at a popular Hollywood comedy club

Not the Laugh Factory

I’m sorry, but is this Cuba, or Prague circa 1980? Since when is it OK for presidential candidates to come after comedians who make fun of them? Even Nixon went on Laugh-In for crying out loud.

Intimidation is a key tool used in crony systems.

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Obama thinks that the small government people “just don’t get it.” They don’t know the reality he knew (second hand after Occidental, Harvard, and Columbia of course) as he was slumming around in Chicago while he was preening for his political career.

I have news for you Mr. President, many Fox News (an organization with which I have HUGE issues) viewers out there have a much more real understanding of poverty than you will EVER know.

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Google: Hollywood Is ‘Trying to Secretly Censor the Internet’

You had some good times Hollywood. Just remember them. But now it’s time for a new thing.

That sounds about right. Hollywood, as we have seen over the years and particularly with recent “leaks” has no shame. They will do what they have to do to protect their increasingly dying product and distribution mechanism even if it means screwing up the Internet for everyone else.

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How China locks down social media (Other countries are taking notes)

Try finding this image on the Chinese Internet.

6 Years ago while watching a video of Ron Paul on Youtube and while reading a fairly sophisticated debate below the video on the nuances of Austrian economic theory I was hit with a bolt of lightning. Social media was about to revolutionize everything. I soon founded a tiny company which specializes in developing social media strategies.

But just 6 short years ago social media was still a fairly tough sell to businesses.

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More Crony Media: Former ThinkProgress writer describes White House ‘censorship’

We have reported on the cozy relationship the website Think Progress has with this White House in the past. I think that it can be fairly said that TP is pretty much a propaganda vehicle. Basically an outlet of gussied up talking points for the #oldmedia to regurgitate. It certainly is not a legitimate news source. (As the below report from The Daily Caller illustrates.)

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