2016 the year Latin America rejected the neo-socialists

Better days for the socialistas.

It’s been a weird political year south of the US border. The Peronists in Argentina lost.  Dilma was kicked out of the Brazilian presidency. Venezuela plunged totally into economic chaos induced by the current Chavista government. And now the rejection of the FARC deal in Columbia. Things have not gone well for the lefties, and it doesn’t look like they will be seeing much relief anytime soon.

The Pink Tide has ebbed and continues to ebb.

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Socialism empties, shelves, stomachs in Venezuela, Desperate people cross into Colombia for food

When prices aren’t free to move shortages result. And people become hungry.

Opening the border is the last thing President Maduro and the Chavistas wanted to do of course. By opening to Columbia and letting people get food it highlights the massive failure the socialist regime has induced. But the Chavistas recognize that keeping hungry people penned inside the country would probably be an even worse option for them than letting them out. One thing that all totalitarian regimes understand is that bread is key to pacification of the population.

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