What happens when a country cracks down on fake news? Ask China

The term “fake news” should pretty much always be in quotes. “Fake news,” probably for the most part is code for news that reflects poorly on the powers that be. Fighting “fake news” isn’t about fighting conjured rumors or false stories. It’s about controlling the conversation.

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Obama’s proposed IRS rules to limit tax-exempt status concern liberals, too (ACLU joins the fight)

See, even Code Pink gets it – or at least did get it.


Many liberal groups are joining with IRS targeted conservative groups to fight the effort from the Obama administration to chill political work and speech. What is bad for the conservative goose is often bad for the liberal gander. Even still some believe that there has been significant pressure put on these liberal groups not to speak out. The ACLU however broke ranks and other traditionally lefty groups have followed.

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