Noam Chomsky: ‘The Republican Party Has Become the Most Dangerous Organization in World History’

Noam, Noam, Noam, I can understand why you are upset. But “the most dangerous organization in world history”? C’mon that’s hysterical – in both senses of the word.

Trump in many (many) ways is the anti-Chomsky, blowing holes right through the political correctness linguistic critique which was to a large degree pioneered by Noam Chomsky. Now the critique (or is it a facade) is falling apart right before the world’s eyes. It’s got to be difficult for the professor.*


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The Atlantic: Liberals and the Illiberal Left (What to do about Left-fascism?)

These guys were good “liberals” who knew how to stand up for what was right.

This is an excellent short essay which I think anyone interested in politics will find value in reading. But I think it is particularly valuable for our liberal readers. (And It’s from David Frum of all people. Generally I am really not a fan.)

There is a fascist element in your ranks. The “illiberal liberals.” The Left-fascists. The political correctness brigade.

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