CATO: Conservatives Should Think Twice before Supporting Jeff Sessions

Sessions will be confirmed but small government people need to keep a close eye on him. Some of his positions are very big government and benefit the current crony system.

Marijuana laws for instance should be liberalized and dealt with on a state level. That is the CONSTITUTIONAL position and as such it should be the position of any American conservative. Yet Jeff Sessions appears to have a beef with pot even though pot legalization at a state level was one of the few wins fans of small government had during the Obama years.

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Why does (Jeff) Sessions think the police should be able to legally rob you?

Image: Washington Post

Is it too much to ask to have an Attorney General who defers to the citizenry generally and not to the state? Well, probably. Realistically speaking. But how can this country allow civil forfeiture (policing for profit) to exist? The cops shouldn’t just be able to take your stuff.

In most of the country however they can. Police took $5 billion in cash and possessions in 2014. That’s more than was taken by non state sponsored thieves.

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How police took $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage and a church

Last week we reported that Nebraska had outlawed “civil forfeiture” without a conviction. The police can no longer just take your stuff in that state. Unfortunately we also had to note that there were still 41 other states in which civil forfeiture was legal. Oklahoma is one of these states.

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Civil forfeiture school for cops this August, $590 to learn everything a cop needs to to take people’s stuff

Civil forfeiture – policing for profit, official highway robbery, highway robbery by officials, whatever. It’s when the cops take your car, your money, your boat, and keep it, even if you are not convicted (or often charged) with a crime.

And you (if you are a police officer) can now attend a weekend convention where you too can learn the ins and outs of this horrible practice.

“If in doubt, take it.”

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