In “unprecedented” move – FBI “Reopens” FOIA Case On Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting – Open this up, and fight like a pitbull to get the truth (VIDEO)

This should not be let go. Peel back and peel back and peel back. 

And the only reason we know this meeting happened at all was because a Phoenix reporter got a tip that it was going down. But remember Attorney General Lynch and Bill Clinton only spoke about “grandchildren.”

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Trump still beats Hillary with voters (even slightly more so now)

Even Bloomberg had to report on this.

Given the Russia stuff, the healthcare chaos in the Senate, the lack of tax cuts, the tweets, Trump STILL beats Hillary Clinton. Consider THAT Democrats. Perhaps you backed the wrong horse.

But my bet is another Dem horse still wouldn’t have won. America has broken with Obama’s America and clearly wants to move on. Of course the Obama clingers will cling, hoping that the urban political machines are still relevant on a national level.

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As we said was likely, the Bushite NEOCONS and the Democrats are joining forces.

We predicted this would happen. As the conservative/libertarian coalition has expanded the neocons have looked for new friends in the Democratic Paty. (Really they are just reuniting.)

The Neoconservatives – actual conservatives MUST understand – are not conservatives at all. They are a small but powerful group of big government (both domestic and abroad) “Republicans” (they originally were Democrats) lodged in Washington who believe that for there to be “progress”

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Russian Lawyer At Center Of Trump Jr Scandal Speaks: “I Have No Government Ties”

So the Trump Jr. email story came out and I’m looking for meat. Please feel free to post it if you have some. But it looks to be yet more conjecture and innuendo. As always – we could be wrong.

It sounds like a pretty typical campaign meeting to me. I can almost guarantee similar meetings (with similar shadowy figures) happened in the Clinton camp.

And some shady meetings happened between some not so shadowy figures too. 

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The story behind Planned Parenthood’s big, bad investment in Jon Ossoff









Planned Parenthood gets half a billion from taxpayers. (Sorry folks, whatever side of the abortion issue you are on, that is just flat out wrong.) Then it invests money into candidates that further its agenda. The abortion provider gave $20 million to Hillary Clinton in her failed campaign.

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Hey New York Times, let’s get something straight, Obama had the “Lawless Presidency”

As we’ve said here many times we have plenty of problems with Mr. Trump. But Trump’s critique of the old media, legacy media, whatever, is pretty spot on. The media helped Obama get elected, protected Obama during his presidency, (A pretty good case could have been made for Obama’s impeachment.) and went whole hog in for Hillary Clinton. Of course The New York Times and CNN are pissed. THEY LOST.

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Why the Democrats are making a big mistake by obsessing over Russia


The Democrats are in many respects a regional party now. The current obsession with Russia and the effort to take Trump down, at what seems almost any cost has become clinical. The Dems seem to have divorced themselves from reality and now wring their hands – gollum like – as they contemplate Trump’s downfall. It’s weird. It is bad for the country to say the least. And it isn’t good for the Dems.

Consider that Maxine Waters is now held up as a leader within the party.

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