Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back

Now raise your hand if you subscribe to the Kennedy school of limousine liberalism. I’m looking at you John Kerry…

Look, at a net worth of $100 million the Clintons are not wealthy, they are legitimately rich. They are not the 1%, they are the 1% of the 1%. And surprise surprise, despite all the “have and have not” nonsense coming from Madam Clinton as of late, the Clintons intend on remaining in the 1% of the 1%.

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Mother Jones Gets Real: Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs Problem

Golden Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has a problem which is much bigger than just Goldman Sachs. 29 of the Dow 30 have already given generously in one way or another to Ms. Clinton’s presumed 2016 presidential campaign. Goldman Sachs just might be the most repulsive of the big corporate donors.

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Is Hillary the Corporate Candidate enough of a populist for the Dems?

The short answer is yes. Don’t worry Democrats (and Republicans) Hillary will be plenty liberal or “progressive” or whatever the word for statist will be in 2016. But part of that package, the pro-state package, is partnering with powerful corporate interests. That’s just the way it is. The state in many ways is owned by these interests but the state also owns these corporate interests too. It is the crony capitalist tango and it is a key part of having large government.

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‘Clinton Library’s Doc Dump Reveals CRA Fueled Subprime Bubble’

Attached is an interesting article and there is no doubt that the Community Reinvestment Act, which though well intended was in the end a disaster for housing and the American economy. It was a big part of the housing meltdown. But the most important factor in the housing crash was the easy money made available by the Federal Reserve for too long.

Though forcing banks to lend to people who did not fit traditional underwriting guidelines was unwise,

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The last thing we need is another Clinton or Bush presidency

If Hillary or Jeb get the presidency in 2016, this will be very bad for the Republic. And we’ve had a lot of stuff lately which has been bad for the Republic. What’s even more worrisome is that I understand that the Bushs and the Clintons are family friends. Seriously, friends. Tell me how having either family running the show is good for America.

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Hillary Clinton reaps $450,000 fee for speech at Chicago Mercantile Exchange meeting

Another speech. The price was even higher for this one.

We’ve heard of people getting outrageous speaking fees before. Ms. Clinton and her husband have made a small industry of it. But ask yourself why a group would pay half a million dollars to someone to hear someone speak for 45 minutes?

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The California billionaire who bought the Virginia Governorship for McAuliffe (and for himself).

We have lots of friends in the environmental community. We value a vibrant natural world and we have and will continue to work toward such a world through various means. We are fans of solar power, and wind, and so called “alternative” energy technologies. But within the parameters of the market. If alternative energy sources cannot operate within the marketplace such energies are by definition not sustainable.

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D.C. executive linked to secret 2008 aid to Hillary Clinton

For crying out loud. All these people just reek of corruption. They are convinced that you will say, “It’s OK, that’s politics.” They bank on that. They think that the average person will just go back to their commute, and their kid’s soccer games on the weekends, and their TV, and their job in the cubicle, and the ruling class will just get to do whatever it wants to.

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