Kim Dotcom : I know that Seth Rich was involved in the DNC leak

For those who don’t know, Kim Dotcom is an internet activist, entrepreneur, and innovator. He’s also found the attention of authorities over the years as he has often challenged the system. (Pretty much the WHOLE system.)

Apparently Kim Dotcom is all lawyered up and is willing to come to the US (from New Zealand) to testify to Rich’s role in the DNC email leak.

That could be interesting.


“I know this because in late 2014 a person contacted me about helping me to start a branch of the Internet Party in the United States.

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What is likely the REAL deal with Russia, Trump, Hillary, the election, and a desperate Democratic Party

We’ll see how this plays out. My bet is that it won’t the way many Dems and allies hope. Of course one can ALWAYS be wrong.

I have no doubt that Russia doesn’t like Clinton. Almost everyone knows this. Clinton wanted to prop up the Ukraine and to demonize Russia for reacquiring (invading) The Crimea. (After a vote by the people of The Crimea to rejoin Russia. Crimea only became part of The Ukraine during the Khrushchev years.

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David Axelrod offered a stinging rebuke on Wednesday to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that her presidential campaign failed because of FBI Director James B. Comey and Russian hackers.

The real reason. Or one of the real reasons anyway.

Clinton lost because she hadn’t been forthright with the server/email issue, had cashed in in the crassest and cronyist of ways, was seen as having run a rigged primary, and then went and insulted a vast swathe of the American electorate with her “deplorables” statement right at the end. That and a boneheaded Midwest strategy.

Comey isn’t the reason she blew it. Hillary Clinton is the reason Hillary Clinton blew it.

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FLASHBACK May 2016 : Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh believes that Hillary Clinton approved the sending of sarin gas to Syria

Why was this not discussed at all in 2016? (Except by the Seymour Hersh, a highly decorated investigative journalist.)

The answer likely is that it was simply ignored by the media as it clearly undermined Hillary Clinton’s efforts.

The #oldmedia didn’t want that.

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Bernie Sanders Calls Democratic Party ‘Weak and Incapable of Organizing’

Sanders is out to lunch on economics, but we don’t think of him as conniving, which stands in contrast to most of the jackals in the Senate.

The Hillary crew resented the old man. They didn’t respect him and they couldn’t believe that he’d dare challenge the anointed one. But he challenged, and in a fair fight he might have won.

We haven’t forgotten the 6 Iowa coin flips.

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FLASHBACK —— Latest Wikileaks Releases Boost Case for DNC Class Action Lawsuit (Because the DNC allegedy rigged the primaries for Hillary)

Uh oh. No wonder they fired the entire DNC staff this week.

That this really happened and that a wounded mainstream meadia continues to try to push the Russian collusion narative at any and all cost is remarkable. The old media, the #cronymedia, and the Clintons thought they had it in the bag.

Boo, friggin, hoo for them.

Though Bernie was/is utterly clueless on economic issues, at least the guy doesn’t make you want to take a shower after shaking his hand.

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This is what the Trump Russia nonsense is REALLY all about

The Democrats just can’t believe that they lost. And most of all they just can’t believe they lost to Donald Trump. The guy was a clown in their eyes. He was who they wanted to run against. Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman president. It had been decreed. It was to be. Hillary was to be coronated and with this coronation would come elevated status for the Clinton hangers on. The people in the think tanks.

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From 2015: GROUNDWORK – The stealthy, Eric Schmidt-backed (GOOGLE Chairman) startup that’s working to put Hillary Clinton in the White House

We ran a few stories on GROUNDWORK but outside of the tech press the fact that the head of Google built a company just to get Hillary Clinton elected got relatively little press. In light of the developing Obama wiretapping scandal GROUNDWORK should get more attention.

And for crying out loud look at GROUNDWORK’s logo. Could it look any more sinister? It’d be tough.

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