This is what the Trump Russia nonsense is REALLY all about

The Democrats just can’t believe that they lost. And most of all they just can’t believe they lost to Donald Trump. The guy was a clown in their eyes. He was who they wanted to run against. Hillary Clinton was going to be the first woman president. It had been decreed. It was to be. Hillary was to be coronated and with this coronation would come elevated status for the Clinton hangers on. The people in the think tanks.

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Politico: Hillary’s Email Defense Is Laughable I should know—I ran FOIA for the U.S. government.

The crony class, of which Ms. Clinton certainly is part, feels that it can do whatever it wants. That our system of law is tiered. There is law which applies to them (or doesn’t) and there is law which applies to everyone else.

There are a myriad of examples, particularly as of late. From Tim Geithner who cheated on his taxes getting to be the Treasury Secretary of all things. To Ms. Lerner at the IRS. To Obama doing his best to circumvent the Constitution with his pen.

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