‘Shell-shocked’ CNBC staffers had long flight home (After the debate, And we can’t help but laugh)

Source: The American Journalist in the Digital Age: Key Findings.
Bloomington, IN: School of Journalism, Indiana University

I certainly hope they were. They deserve to be. Wednesday night may prove to be a watershed moment for the Republicans. The moment when they stopped being nice with the #oldmedia and got real.

The media is massively biased in favor of big government. (Not that the Republicans aren’t often for big government.) As I have mentioned in the past I interned at a conservative news outlet in college (not Fox) and pretty much the entire production staff was liberal.

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Investors flee US stocks at financial-crisis levels

It could be that investors are just looking overseas for opportunities after stocks hit highs in the US. Or it could indicate that the market is very concerned about future US economic growth. Either way CNBC assures us it’s probably not bad for American equities.

Heh heh.

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More Crony Media: Even liberals think MSNBC is terrible, No one wants to watch the “Obama Show”

Yeah, no propaganda going on at MSNBC.

I guess this is the “soul searching” phase of getting hammered in an election. The Dems just can’t believe how hard they got clocked. They can’t believe how lame the lame duck president is perceived. What happened to HOPE? What happened to CHANGE?

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“Investing prowess is inversely proportional to the frequency of appearance on financial media”

As a young broker an older quite successful broker told me the same thing. He also said that there was no reason to watch CNBC after 9:30 (the opening market bell) because anything of value for the day which actually found its way onto TV happened before the markets got rolling.

I have found both bits of advice to be right.

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Bizarre argument: Legalizing pot will make income inequality a lot worse

Jake Novak at CNBC does get one thing right in this very strange and I would say ill informed op-ed. Even though he says from the outset that he is actually for legalization he explains why legal pot will nonetheless contribute to income inequality. I think his concerns for the most part are not really concerns. At least not on a societal level.

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Piketty’s wealth inequality book a ‘big mess’ (Video)

Piketty rose out of nowhere like a rocket, propelled by the Obama administration and an #oldmedia which loved the narrative the French professor was selling.

In the last couple of weeks however, as people have read the book, the gravity of peer review has started to bring the rocket down nearly as fast as it went up.

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7 years of 0(%) money market rates is the greatest gift to speculators and gamblers that’s ever been conceived.” – David Stockman (Video)

The truth is people just don’t care so long as their 401ks and IRAs keep generally going up in “value.” The best friend Obama ever had and will ever have is the Fed which recklessly printed and inflated the stock market. Can you imagine where Obama would be today if the Dow was still hanging around 8000 or so? He probably wouldn’t be president, one way or another.

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Watch ‘Bitcoin Uprising’ – Very Cool (Video)

Like it or not Bitcoin is changing the world. A year ago very few people outside of wonky libertarian financial circles even knew what Bitcoin was. Now it is known by everyone, including and especially governments and central banks. They for the most part are not keen on the crypto-currency. And one can understand why. The central planners have no control over Bitcoin and that scares them to death. How are they supposed to manipulate monetary policy if everyone is using blockchain based virtual currencies?

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Staking $1 Billion That Herbalife Will Fail, Then Lobbying to Bring It Down

Source: Yahoo Finance

“Have I become an instrument in some billionaire’s investment campaign?” he said, adding that he now regrets sending the letter. “I don’t want to be an unwitting pawn, and that is how I am feeling right now.”

This is some truly disgusting crony capitalism.

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