Morning Joe (Tom Brokaw and Mika) Attacks CNN, Buzzfeed Report On Trump And Russia: ‘There’s No Story Here’

This whole Russia thing has been truly bizarre. I’ve been following it tick by tick since the beginning and I’ve yet to see what Russia actually did. (Not that we think it’s beyond Putin to do something.) And now this silliness from CNN and Buzzfeed? This is ridiculous. Sorry Mr. Podesta, but somebody on your side probably spilled the beans. (Not that we know anything special.) Deal. You lost. At this point your crew is just hurting the country.

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Crony Media: Debate moderator Woodruff, Fox News parent company gave to Clinton Foundation, A list of media people/groups who have given

So as we have just learned, Judy Woodruff, PBS anchor and recent Democratic debate moderator gave to the Clinton Foundation, something which in our opinion should have disqualified her for the moderator job.

(From Breitbart)

Co-moderator Judy Woodruff happens to be a donor to the Clinton Foundation, and faced criticism from the PBS ombudsman in 2015 for giving to the Clintons.

Woodruff is one of several journalists who has contributed to the Clinton Foundation,

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More Crony Media: Hillary Email Dump Shows CNN Really Needs to Rethink Relationship with Paul Begala

This report comes from Mediaite, which is not exactly a conservative news outlet.

Look, the legacy media, the #oldmedia, have an agenda. It is basically statist with a strong deference to corporate masters. Begala is that kind of guy.

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CDC Director Confuses CNN’s Dr. Gupta with Conflicting Information on How Ebola Is Transmitted (Video)

Actually Dr. Gupta doesn’t seem confused at all. In fact he seems to be very aware of the risks associated with close contact and Ebola transmission. The head of the CDC however seems less sure. The Director does however continue to smile reassuringly at the camera as he explains that in fact (contrary to what he just said) perhaps being within 3 feet of a coughing Ebola victim isn’t actually a good idea.

Beware the “pretense of knowledge.”

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Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire 100 Fired Employees

I’ll bet that’ll be a fun return.

On the surface this ruling sounds like a win for “workers,” but sadly it’s not. If the government can keep businesses from firing people, indeed in this case force CNN to REHIRE fired workers, businesses will simply choose not to hire new people.

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Dozens of lawmakers related to big time lobbyists – Billions of dollars in fees (Video)

“It’s not just about staying in office because you like the power. It’s about staying in office because it generates huge amounts of cash for your family.”

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Crony Media Continues to Fail: CNN Hits Lowest Rated Week In Demo Since Jeff Zucker Took Over



For those who don’t remember it was Jeff Zucker’s 15 year old son who was named to the board of Cory Booker’s startup company and was awarded options last year.

Not that this has anything to do with CNN’s dismal ratings. It doesn’t, but it reflects the executive culture which permeates #oldmedia still. The big shots in #oldmedia still think they’re big shots even as they are left behind.

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Crony Media Protection Bill? Feinstein moves to limit online speech, Matt Drudge calls her a “fascist.”

Feinstein is proposing a media “shield” law (Why does speech in the United States need a shield?) which would in effect limit the protections of the 1st Amendment with regard to journalists to “legitimate news-gathering activities.”

I am positive that the 1st Amendment extends to everyone and not just to CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox (?) etc. Even in today’s wishy washy world I think that is pretty clear. Kind of the point of this country really.

The gatekeepers are afraid and Matt Drudge just called Ms.

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