#CNNBlackmail : Tracks Down And Threatens to Dox Creator of Trump Wrestling Gif (Appears to be a 15 year old kid)

So CNN is doxxing people now (or perhaps worse, threatening to)? And it calls itself a network? And it wants people to think it’s a legitimate news source?

It thinks it’s going to intimidate the people who actually know what is up at CNN? If that is the case the outlet really hasn’t learned a thing.

We don’t think Trump should have retweeted, and the guy in question might not be the nicest of folks,

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John Bonifield, CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “Mostly bulls–t right now,” President Trump is Right About Witch Hunt (VIDEO)

Sometimes Project Veritas is just a tad too smug for me. But they often do excellent work. Sometimes they hit. Sometimes they miss. This video is a base hit and doesn’t appear to be overly edited. Though some of the questions are a bit leading. Judge for yourself.

If Russia is a ratings winner for CNN, if what appears to be flat out “fake news” is a ratings winner,

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Trump ‘Assassination’ Play Still Funded by Time Warner (CNN’s parent), Taxpayers

Lots of Trump voters still do business with these Time Warner companies.

Now I wonder why Time Warner is funding a play about Trump’s assassination?

It’s like they might have some corporate interest in making life hard for Trump. It’s like the company might have something to lose if people started to think critically about the narratives formed by Time Warner’s companies like CNN, Disney, ESPN, Time “magazine,” Headline News, People Magazine and so on.

Tell me again how there is no “corporate Left.”  

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Did CNN just stage a protest in London for the camera? (VIDEO)

The “fake news” critique (with regard to CNN particularly) is a legitimate one. It’s not a pro-Left bias at this point, CNN seems to have become a propaganda outfit.

Earlier today Drudge pointed out that The New York Times referred to The Drudge Report as an “unofficial source.” Yet it cited CNN in the same piece as a legitimate news organization. That CNN has hosts now refering to the president as a piece of excrement is OK.

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In echo of Bannon’s famous statement: Woodward to media – ‘Calm it down and listen more’

Too many in the media wish they were a character in House of Cards, have watched All the President’s Men on loop for weeks, and just want to take down the “patriarch” who blew up the Hillary dream.

The #oldmedia are mad that they lost.

How about we start looking closely into the Obama Iran deal. I’ll bet that could be interesting.

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