Germany Thinks America is No Longer the Land of the Free (Plus a badass Reagan video from Berlin)

Like we said earlier the “light on the hill” is flickering. We need to make sure it stays lit.

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And a little bit of history. Contrast the below clip with the crew we have running the country today. It is stark and it is damning.

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Even the National Review says the Intel Agencies are out of control, and well, scary

This was plastered on the side of a spy satellite which was launched recently.


This is the king of smart conservative journalism we are talking about here. This is William F. Buckley’s baby. Cold Warrior intellectual super journal. Better dead than Red. THE force behind conservatism for 3 decades. Reagan, Thatcher, the whole bit. And things have gotten so bad that the National Review is saying the CIA and NSA and the DIA,

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The Pentagon is spending taxpayer dollars on what?

One of the biggest failings of conservatives over the years, and especially since the end of the Cold War, has been the failure to understand that the military is big government too. It is full of waste, and much larger than it should be.

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The Military is Big Government Too, “Defense” Prepares for Deep Cuts, It’s About Time

Every time I write about this topic, someone gets irritated and explains to me that “defense” is actually enumerated in the Constitution and so is a valid expenditure of taxpayer money.

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Unwind The State In An Orderly Way Now, Or Unravel It In A Disorderly Way Later

(Originally written for The Star-Exponent)

There was a time when Republicans believed in the reduction of the size of government, or at least said they did. In the wake of 40 years of an expanding welfare state Thatcher and Reagan came to divert us from the “Road to Serfdom” as F. A. Hayek called it. Thing is, the revolution never happened.

In the 80s government still expanded, it wasn’t rolled back. In an effort to spend the Soviet Union into the ground Reagan compromised and built jets,

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