Bill Clinton says that Hillary “frequently” passes out like she did like on Sunday, CBS News edits out

This is not surprising. It highlights yet again the extent to which the #oldmedia is in many respects just a mouthpiece. For the record the video in the attached article from Mediaite has been removed and I can not find it elsewhere at this moment. (I’ll post if it shows up later in the day.)

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I finally saw “The Big Short” in its entirety, and anyone who cares about money needs to watch it. Fantastic

“FRAUD has never, ever worked…Eventually things go south…When the hell did we forget all that?”

2008. I’ll never forget. EVER.

I won’t go into why this movie speaks to me so much. I will say however that it isn’t because I had billions on the line.

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Kremlin Gets Flashback of Soviet Collapse in Brexit Fallout

As we said in an earlier post, the guys running the show in Eastern Bloc countries weren’t happy when the Berlin Wall came down. Likewise the apparatchiks of various sorts deeply embedded in and often reliant on the European Union system have had heart attacks in the face of Brexit.

Brexit is not on par with the collapse of communism however. The end of the Cold War was more than surprising, or even mind blowing,

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Poverty, prostitutes and the long, slow death of the Soviet Union: Haunting pictures show desperate struggle to survive in last days of USSR

Socialism always implodes. It’s a matter of time and the degree to which the ruling class, a crony class, the nomenklatura, will use force to keep reality at bay. The Soviet Union is the grandest example of this.

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China is a “monumental doomsday machine”

Remember THESE are the guys making many of the economic decisions in China.

It looks like David is tracking right with us on the China question. The economic Jenga game which exists in the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State has begun its crumble. Right now world central banks are hoping, like in 2007-2008 with subprime housing, that China can be walled off. That contagion won’t spread any more than it already has.

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In major blow to Obamacare UnitedHealth looks to leave the system

Shocking that such a simple system is failing so badly.

Obamacare has been collapsing for a while. Actually pretty much since it started. A bunch of the state co-ops are dead. More are readying themselves for the grave. And now even the crony partners are starting to abandon the scheme. Indeed repeal may not even be necessary. Ironically the Obamacare experiment may long stand as a testament to one of pro-market economist FA Hayek’s key insights, The Pretense of Knowledge.

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Central Bank of Central Banks, The BIS: The economy is more fragile now than before the 2008 Crash

The Tower of Babel was probably financed with artificially low interest rates too.

Think of debt as a tower. It can be built up and built up, and if juiced by central banks can be built up even more. But eventually the “tower” becomes too heavy and it collapses on itself in chaos and pain.

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