What is likely the REAL deal with Russia, Trump, Hillary, the election, and a desperate Democratic Party

We’ll see how this plays out. My bet is that it won’t the way many Dems and allies hope. Of course one can ALWAYS be wrong.

I have no doubt that Russia doesn’t like Clinton. Almost everyone knows this. Clinton wanted to prop up the Ukraine and to demonize Russia for reacquiring (invading) The Crimea. (After a vote by the people of The Crimea to rejoin Russia. Crimea only became part of The Ukraine during the Khrushchev years.

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Newt Gingrich explains (in his view) why Director Comey needed to be fired (VIDEO)

Having watched the Obama Justice Department up close for most of its existence, Newt is absolutely correct. People need to be held accountable for what happened during those years and Director Comey is not the one to do this – obviously.

*Please dismiss the “Most important video you’ll see all day” bit. It’s embedded in the tweet we reposted. 

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David Axelrod offered a stinging rebuke on Wednesday to Hillary Clinton’s assertion that her presidential campaign failed because of FBI Director James B. Comey and Russian hackers.

The real reason. Or one of the real reasons anyway.

Clinton lost because she hadn’t been forthright with the server/email issue, had cashed in in the crassest and cronyist of ways, was seen as having run a rigged primary, and then went and insulted a vast swathe of the American electorate with her “deplorables” statement right at the end. That and a boneheaded Midwest strategy.

Comey isn’t the reason she blew it. Hillary Clinton is the reason Hillary Clinton blew it.

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Does Clinton’s pass from Comey indicate the dawn of an American banana republic?

“The Big Pass” certainly is a big step toward banana republicanism. Even some of Hillary’s most ardent supporters were taken aback by Comey’s statement on Tuesday.

There is a sense in the country now that there are rules for the rulers and rules for the rabble, and that the “rulers” don’t even have to hide it now.

Consider that all the big bank execs got off without even really having to sweat. Consider that Lois Lerner skated.

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