How South Park Saved Fair Use

Fair Use is a hugely important concept for journalists and for a free society in general. It allows us to do much of what we do. If we did not have Fair Use, copyright could be used to shut down all sorts of content and fundamentally, speech.

Below is a great report from Reason on the subject. However IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. 

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UC-Davis backs down from threatening Ayn Rand club with ‘criminal punishment’

We’re not Randians here though we have respect for Ayn Rand and her thinking. Regardless, below is a good lesson for just about any student group which feels it is being harassed by a college administration completely unjustly (as was the case here). Political correctness and the conformist thinking which is widespread on American campuses today isn’t just going to go away. It has to be fought.

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I’ve Read Obama’s Secret Trade Deal. Elizabeth Warren Is Right to Be Concerned.

The unions don’t like it. Many libertarians and free market types don’t like it. But Obama and the Chamber of Commerce are keen. Something smells here.

Something else to keep in mind. Just because something is called free trade doesn’t mean it actually is free trade. My bet, and the author alludes to this, is that the agreement will be full of crony nooks and crannies. Nooks and crannies some would prefer the public not learn about.

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John Deere (and GM) says you don’t really own any vehicles bought from them, You only have “an implied license for the life of the vehicle to operate the vehicle.”

No software in this one.

That’s right. You may have paid $100,000 or more for that new tractor, but guess what? Since the software DNA, the alleged “intellectual property” of John Deere is embedded in the thing, you actually do not OWN the vehicle. It’s still John Deere’s even if the vehicle is paid off, at least the guts of the beast.

In other words if you want to mess with the code within the tractor, and GM is arguing the same thing for its cars,

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Free Mickey Mouse! Copyright law, crony capitalism, and economic growth

Copyright in this country is a huge gift granted by Congress which benefits large media corporations primarily. Copyright as it is now,  life of the creator plus 70 years, stifles innovation and creation. In so doing it stifles the overall economy.

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Copyright cronyism? Trade deal negotiated in secret could limit Internet freedom, innovation

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade deal between the United States and and much of the non-European world which over the last 2 years has been negotiated in secret. Some of the details of the agreement were leaked yesterday, and as suspected the TPP appears to be bad news for those who believe in Internet freedom and freedom in general.

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Secret Service kept tabs on Reddit co-founder Swartz before his suicide, documents show

The government sought to make an example of Swartz. You share information which is technically illegal and we the state will hammer you, with no mercy. We will come down on you so hard you’ll wish you’d never heard the words “open source.” Do you HEAR that copyright infringers? Do you HEAR that whistleblowers?

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Copyright actually keeps many books off the market, study says

We have incredibly restrictive copyright laws in this country. Big media companies have made the media marketplace worse for the public with these laws and may have even worked against their own interests by lobbying for overly restrictive copyrights according to a new study.

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