Crony Capitalism On Parade: The Dem Convention Is One Big Corporate Bribe

It’s not just the Democratic convention. There’s plenty of this sort of thing going on at Republican get-togethers. However, this year, some corporations were afraid to associate themselves with Trump and so the parties at the RNC weren’t as good as usual by some accounts.

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Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations—the companies that have gained the most from federal grants, special tax preferences, loans, and loan guarantees.

This is an excellent report from Good Jobs First, a “good government” advocacy group, which also maintains the very useful SUBSIDY TRACKER tool. The report breaks down the crony game since 2000 quite nicely.

Corporate welfare in this country is massive. (As we illustrate day in and day out.)  In many respects it puts regular welfare to shame.

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CISPA is back, Corporations and government sharing your data with each other. What could be better?


This marks the third time Congress is trying to pass the bill to allow corporations to share our personal data with governments loosely. In addition, the 2015 version of CISPA would create a data sharing program between the Department of Homeland Security, Director of National Intelligence, and Secretary of Defense, with no accountability measures outside of their own agencies. Not only that, but any data shared would be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

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Pro Publica: When U.S. Companies Help the NSA

We have long covered what happens the in the shadowy alleyways where the NSA and corporate America have gotten together in their unholy unions. Sometimes these unions are voluntary. We have seen also that many of these relationships were not and that companies have no choice but to work with the NSA.

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The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare

“Among other initiatives, the A.C.A. would relax restrictions on collusion between health care providers.”


At least one Republican gave up complaining about Obamacare and decided that it made much more sense to mine the massive wealth redistribution program for a little wealth of his own.

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Crony Phones: Million dollar contracts for corporations to supply “Obama phones” paid for by taxpayers

James O’Keefe strikes again. He’s the fellow who brought down ACORN with his “pimp” video a few years back. This time he stings a couple of wireless carriers who supply phones for the “Lifeline” program, often referred to as “Obama phone” program.

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Democrats afraid Obama’s new group is taking donation dollars from the party at large

Everyone wants their piece of the action in Washington and the Democratic National Committee is concerned that their piece is getting smaller because of President Obama’s Organizing for Action group. O4A is actively seeking donations from large companies and wealthy individuals. This is usually the territory of the party and some Democrats are not happy that their toes are being stepped on.

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