Maxine Waters calls Tucker a racist for asking how she got so rich on a lawmaker’s salary (VIDEO)

I don’t know how we missed this one from July. But it’s a good one. Maxine Waters, Ms. “Putin invaded Korea,” lives in a $4 million dollar home outside of her own district. Tucker simply asks “Where’d the money came from?” She, being Maxine Waters bristled at Tucker’s question.

This is common story. Many politicians seem to magically get rich when they come to Congress. Pelosi, Reid, many others had their portfolios explode once they got to Washington DC.

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The Ancient March from Crony Capitalism to Statism

This is a great piece to begin the weekend. Excellent analysis from David L. Bahnsen at The National Review.

His analysis and advice is for Republicans particularly. (As should be expected from The National Review.) Embrace crony capitalism at your peril. If Trump starts lauding “public/private partnerships” and vast infrastructure plans, reject them. Cronyism to a large extent is what sunk Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

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“Growing levels of perceived corruption and social inequality provided fertile ground for the rise of populist politicians in 2016”

Perceived and REAL corruption. Particularly systematic, often legal corruption. A crony system that is gamed against the unconnected. Yeah, crony capitalism has a lot to do with the anger burning the Establishment around the world.

Technology and information have a lot to do with it too. Whereas before people largely just had to believe the official media narrative (the narrative “sea” through which we swim), now they can challenge what they are told by the information gate keepers.

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Think Clinton’s corruption is bad? This is the crony behavior millions of Americans ignore

Or the electorate?

Who enabled the Clinton corruption? We did. Or at least many of us did. It’s on us. We helped create the ugly political culture we see today. We’ve tolerated corruption and dishonesty with the Clintons and we’ve tolerated it from the Republicans too. We need to look in the mirror post election and consider what we will tolerate from our politicians and ourselves going forward.

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