Ron Paul explains the Subprime mortgage crisis and predicts the dollar collapse (VIDEO)

If you REALLY want to understand what happened in 2008 read Meltdown by Tom Woods. It’s not a tome. Quick read and common sense.

Everyday people would be wise to understand the basics of what is called “Austrian Economics.” The Austrians, not the people who run the Fed, or bobble along on CNBC and Bloomberg were the ones who were right about The Crash we saw in 2008 (and the Great Depression for that matter).

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JIM ROGERS: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming, “Later this year or next.”

We still haven’t felt the full wrath of the ghost of 2008. There is still more to pay. Many of us of course already have paid dearly, but the banking system has not paid the way it must. Which means that WE, the non-bankers will pay again.

Keeping powder dry is always smart, if possible. It’s not for many Americans. Which makes any potential crash highly destabilizing. Then add in the current political risk in the USA.

Watch Puerto Rico.

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IMF: US growth projected to decline by 38% from 2015 rate

We are still dealing with the 2008 Crash. It still hangs over the world economy. The pain from that time is not forgotten. The economic bruises are still sore.

All of the conjuring from the central bank wizards, all the “stimulus,” the QE, the ZIRP, now NIRP, Operation Twist, all of it and the bruises are still too raw to touch.

Maybe we should have just let markets clear 8 years ago huh?

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This video may blow your mind, the best illustration of the post Crash bailouts I’ve ever seen

This is from 2011 when the wounds of the Crash were still fresh.

Now we’ve been conditioned. Time has passed and the banks want you to forget what happened and the dull economic pain which still dogs the world.*

We at ACC will never forget.

At the end of this video is a very short ad for someone who was running for Congress. We do not endorse candidates ever. We don’t know who this person is.

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VIDEO FLASHBACK: The 2008 Crash as it happened

I remember the fall of 2008 very well. I remember Paulson, and Lehman, and Bernanke, and AIG, and the weekend meetings at the Fed, and the bailout votes in Congress, and the election, all of it. But I most remember the fear. The deep fear which shot through the country that autumn. The sense that things were spinning out of control.

I also remember thinking, as things got uglier around me, how correct the Austrian economists I had been reading for a good while at that point were.

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The Big Short: What Does Michael Burry Say About Today’s Economy and Investment Scene?


Michael Burry was the hero of Michael Lewis’s book the Big Short, about the Crash of 2008, and also the hero of the popular film of the same name.

Burry is a hedge fund investor (Scion Asset Management) who normally keeps a low profile. Lewis is perhaps the most readable writer on Wall Street today. His articles and books are always hard to put down, partly because he finds either very colorful figures or thoughtful,

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Chinese investment bankers missing

The Communist Party of China has lost some credibility, at home and abroad. The recent crash in Chinese stocks was ugly and exposed the tenuous underpinnings of the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State. China’s unstoppable rise to the top of the global economy suddenly didn’t look as unstoppable as it had. Economic issues which critics had raised for years (particularly the real estate bubble) and which had been glossed over by international analysts and Chinese leadership alike suddenly became of serious concern.

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