Totally Clueless: Rep. Maxine Waters says Putin invaded Korea, Dems, you might have a leadership problem. (VIDEO)

And you know no one is going to correct her. “Ms. Waters, very well said. So what if you said Russia invaded Korea (watch the video she really doesn’t know what is going on). Anyone can make that mistake.”

Sorry but if you don’t understand the difference between Korea and The Crimea you really ought to just keep your mouth shut. You certainly shouldn’t be given any real power. Ms. Waters is a member of Congress for crying out loud.

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40 Maps Which Explain the World

This is an extremely well done article from The Washington Post. Maps can put things into perspective. They help us make sense of the world around us. Knowing where The Crimea is for example is probably a good thing these days as politicians rattle sabers and jockey for position. If things were to get hot it is our sons and daughters after all who would find themselves in harm’s way. Might be nice to know where they are going (or aren’t).

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