Collapsing pensions will fuel America’s next financial crisis

One of the main reasons California in all its anti-Trump rage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is because the state knows that it has a massive government employee pension problem and that it will one day have to call on the rest of the United States to “solve” (bailout) this problem for them. Watch.

But the rest of the country isn’t in great shape either.

This is one of those things that few will pay attention to until it’s a 5 alarm fire.

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Leaked: Inside the George Soros plan to exploit the refugee crisis to further his agenda

In the emails the Soros organization outlines how it uses international organizations to influence (and we assume overwhelm) national policy and sovereignty on immigration issues.

We at ACC are for immigration. But we are also for US sovereignty. There are many people in the world who would like to take the United States down a few pegs (as they see it) and integrate it into a more “international” legal regime. George Soros is one of these people.

Given the hits we have taken to the rule of law in this country in recent years a more “international”

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Socialism empties, shelves, stomachs in Venezuela, Desperate people cross into Colombia for food

When prices aren’t free to move shortages result. And people become hungry.

Opening the border is the last thing President Maduro and the Chavistas wanted to do of course. By opening to Columbia and letting people get food it highlights the massive failure the socialist regime has induced. But the Chavistas recognize that keeping hungry people penned inside the country would probably be an even worse option for them than letting them out. One thing that all totalitarian regimes understand is that bread is key to pacification of the population.

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The great Brazilian crony crisis: 68% of Brazilians support the impeachment of socialist President Rousseff

The bigger the state, the bigger the corruption. This is a simple and near universal equation. Wherever and whenever the state grows beyond the basic level corruption spikes. It’s not the people in the government. Filling the state with well intended (for the sake of argument) people isn’t going solve society’s problems. This is the great “progressive” fallacy. It is government’s nature to become corrupt. Cronyism is a fundamental part of a powerful government. That’s just the way it is,

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European banks near ‘terrifying’ crisis: Raoul Pal (VIDEO)

Sure, “European banks.” All banks.

People in America are just plugging along seemingly oblivious to the storm which continues to gather strength overseas and in some cases is already buffeting the United States. It is foolhardy. We have just gotten used to the new post-2008 lower standards of living in this country and we want to think that the global depression which started in 2007-2008 is all over. It’s not.

Will the world go to hell in a hand basket tomorrow?

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China the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State devalues its currency, World markets shudder, expect more trouble going forward

In case you haven’t noticed things aren’t so hot in China. In fact the country, the Ultimate Crony Capitalist State is in serious trouble. Today it devalued the yuan, its currency.

We have been sounding the alarm on China for a very long time. Not that we’ve been the only ones. That China has been headed for real trouble has been obvious to many for quite a while, years. Regardless, trouble is here now. The world’s second largest economy is pretty much in crisis mode,

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