When Billionaires Build Stadiums, Taxpayers Get Whacked

The NFL is deeply crony.

Hey taxpayers – pay for my stadium. Thanks. What? You want “free” tickets? Ha! That’s funny. Don’t you know nothing’s free? Don’t worry though. You can look at the stadium you built me on TV. 

There are no tears shed here for the NFL’s ongoing decline.

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Insurers Come Out Swinging Against New Republican Health Care Bill

Cronyism increases exponentially with the complexity of a law or bill.

Now what do you think this says about Cronycare, I mean Obamacare as it is constructed today?

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Report: Nearly 30 Percent of Public School Teachers Chronically Absent

Stories like this really make me question the future of this country. How can parents stand for this? But they do. No wonder FDR, the closest thing this country has ever had to a fascist in the White House is so venerated in textbooks. Public schools are sick in too many places. The teachers have forgotten who they work for. The students. The parents. The taxpayers.

As my professor said once, teachers lost their status as professionals once they unionized.

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The Washington Post’s Latest (and Lamest) Attack on the Mises Institute (And liberty itself)

For the record I am deeply proud of The Mises Institute and all it stands for. It is the heart of libertarianism, standing up for what is right against forces that are much larger than it, with much larger budgets, and much more power.

This is me at the Mises Institute standing next to a bust of the brilliant (though not infallible) Murray Rothbard.

The Mises Institute is one of the leading lights of liberty and a standard bearer for the only successful libertarian revolution in history (to date),

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LEAKED: Watch MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell lose it in off air outtakes (You can see what he’s thinking)

In fairness I’ve seen on-air talent act almost as bad toward a production staff. The people in front of a camera have extremely high opinions of themselves generally. They are elevated onto pedestals, typically paid very well, but at the same time anchors know that every other reporter in the building wants to bump them off.

Still this is a good exhibit of reality versus what is sold on TV. The 2 are very different things. Don’t watch if you find the F word offensive.

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Ex-Delta CEO Bashes Domestic Airlines, Embraces Subsidies (For Amtrak)

That we have a government owned – government owned – passenger rail line in this country really is an affront to what this country is supposed to stand for. Either it should be private, or it should not be. I mean if it’s not profitable why do we have it? Is it just that some members of Congress have a thing for trains and socialism? Well, yes, that is the case. But the Amtrak employees aren’t very keen on privatization either.

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Maxine Waters calls Tucker a racist for asking how she got so rich on a lawmaker’s salary (VIDEO)

I don’t know how we missed this one from July. But it’s a good one. Maxine Waters, Ms. “Putin invaded Korea,” lives in a $4 million dollar home outside of her own district. Tucker simply asks “Where’d the money came from?” She, being Maxine Waters bristled at Tucker’s question.

This is common story. Many politicians seem to magically get rich when they come to Congress. Pelosi, Reid, many others had their portfolios explode once they got to Washington DC.

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Take That Jamie Dimon, Chinese Cronies: Bitcoin price bounces back by nearly $1,000 as market moves on from recent drama

This morning on CNBC the Chairman of Overstock.com echoed our sentiments from last week. – Big surprise that the dollar bankers and the Chinese powers that be don’t like Bitcoin. This is to be expected.

As we said last week this challenge to Bitcoin is an excellent stress test of a more mature crypto currency world. So bang on Jamie and Chinese officials, let’s see where the hard bottom is.

It is too early to determine if we found it over the last few days but things look generally bullish at this moment.

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