Thousands of women storm Saudi King’s office demanding basic freedoms


To be clear Ms. Clinton was not one of them.

The Saudis don’t like us. They use us.

In fairness we use them too. But it’s about time we got real about the House of Saud. We do lots of business with a regime that doesn’t allow women to drive, has public beheadings and stonings, that jails and whips bloggers, and that many people believe has done much to help people who would do America serious harm.

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Senate poised to override Obama veto on 9/11 bill allowing Saudi suits

Why, seriously why, did the president veto this? Is he thinking past his presidency and to any corporate boards or positions at the UN he might like to be a part of? It’s got to be part of it because he knows he’s likely to be overridden.

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While America worries about Trillary, Germany preparing Deutsche Bank bailout plan, reports claim

Yes, yes, everything is fine economically. So what if the largest FOREX trader in the world and the globe’s 11th largest bank is teetering because after all this time the DOJ in America finally decided to levy a fine of consequence against a major bank.

My question is why is the US trying to break Deutsche Bank? If it wrote fraudulent mortgages and packaged fraudulent mortgage backed securities it deserves to feel pain. But other banks got off with wrist slaps.

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8 Million Americans Paid $1.7 Billion For Not Having Obamacare

Obamacare is a dysfunction generating machine. On nearly every level the thing is screwed up. But that is the inherent nature of large government programs.

This is Obama’s legacy? Way to go Mr. President. Be sure to thank the Pharma and health insurance company lobbyists on your way out of the White House. I’m sure they’ll be thanking you.

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The U.S. foreign-aid budget, visualized

This money (US taxpayer money) often just goes to the crony classes within these countries. Those positioned to take advantage of the USA’s largess do well. The “people” often do less well. Especially when considering that much of this money goes to arms. (American arms.)

When it comes to military aid both the Military Industrial Complex lobbyists and the lobbyists of favored countries team up to make sure American taxpayers continue to pay the bills for their clients.

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If the Word Liberal Is Up for Grabs, Can We Have It Back?

I hear you Mr. Tucker. Most of the world is confused by our political terms anyway. “Liberal” used to mean free minds and free markets. Then somewhere along the way, many blame that superstatist FDR, “liberal” came to mean big government and meddling in the marketplace. Though even American modern “liberalism” had vestiges until recently of the Enlightenment.

We at ACC consider ourselves “classical liberals”. But we’d be fine with using the word “liberal” if we could. If the modern “Left”

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Greenwald: “Why Did Saudi Regime & Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to Clinton Foundation?”

This comes from Democracy Now! the hyper “liberal” news broadcast. Thing is, though I disagree fundamentally with DN on nearly everything they do real news unlike CNN and MSNBC. It’s nice to hear a legit anti-crony (for the most part) voice from what is called the “Left” in this country.

Get through the obligatory “Trump is a nut” (What else is the guy going to say?) bit at the beginning of Greenwald’s interview. The rest is pretty darn good.

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