Fed ends ‘too big to fail’ lending to collapsing banks

Yeah, well maybe officially. If tomorrow Citi or JPMorgan were to blow up I’m pretty sure the Fed would be right there to prop the crony banks if it had to. (In the Fed’s eyes.)

But this looks good for the Fed. It signals “recovery.” Something which is particularly important in the lead up to a potential rate hike later this month. So great. No more too big to fail.


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 Why Do Former Goldman Sachs Bankers Keep Landing Top Slots at the Federal Reserve?

I will note this again because it should be noted again and again. Goldman Sachs should be dead. Door nail. Kaput. Finito. Gone. A piece of history. Expired.

But Goldman Sachs, Government Sachs, lives because it got bailed out by you the taxpayer. You’re the one who felt the brunt of the Great Recession. You who lost your home. You who moved in with the kids to make ends meet. You who went on food stamps quietly in desperation.

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Another challenge to King Dollar, Chinese yuan to gain “reserve” currency status

The Ultimate Crony Capitalist State, China, has seen some challenges as of late. It’s economy is trending down. It’s brand new shipping facility in Tianjin blew up in spectacular fashion. The “Chinese Miracle” has taken a real hit in the eyes of the world.

But that the IMF is letting the Chinese currency into the exclusive club of currencies with “special drawing rights” is a coup. Technically the yuan will soon have the same status in terms of international business as the pound,

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How the Federal Government Continues To Victimize American Indians

As we have said before, there is no group who has gotten a more rotten deal from the US government than the American Indians. And that deal continues to this day. Many American Indians live in the last pockets of the 3rd world in the United States. Under the direct watch of Washington bureaucrats of course. (Who are often paid nicely.)

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VA will let officials keep taxpayer money they stole

The VA system is single payer healthcare. Now imagine the fraud and abuse we see here magnified exponentially and you have what some people want in this country. In the name of “justice.”

The below is truly disgusting. This is the sort of thing which makes people completely distrustful of government. Remember, these alleged fraudsters get to keep hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly taken from the taxpayer, but some of our veterans can’t even get in to see a doctor so they can be treated for sickness.

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Statists gonna state, Argentina’s soon to be former crony president says she’s going to remain in the spotlight

Christina Fernandez de Kirchner apparently has no interest in bowing out of politics gracefully. Ala Nancy Pelosi she will remain in the political wings, waiting for an opportunity to reassert herself, keeping rivals from rising, and making sure her presence informs the political decisions of allies and enemies alike.

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Argentinean Libertarians Point Out Macri’s Big Government Credentials

The victory over the Peronists in Argentina is clearly a victory for the Argentine people and for freedom generally. However, Macri comes to power with much to prove. Will he break with the cronyist system which is so entrenched in Argentina? Can he?

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Washington Post: Inside the Clinton Donor Network

OK future Washington hacks – Dem, GOP and otherwise, this is how you do it. Actually, it’s probably best that you skip this article now that I think about it.

The rest of our readers however, the ones who are actually sane, who would never willingly spend their lives in a blind quest for power, should read this article. Bill and Hillary have raised $3 billion in their careers. That’s a hell of a lot of money and it all came from people who wanted something.

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Statist Brookings Institution is afraid that people actually want a simplified tax code

I love this. The old fashioned 20th Century statism just drips from the attached piece. Vanessa Williamson, fellow at Brookings, arguably the most prestigious statist think tank in Washington, is afraid that people will actually like the idea of closing loop holes in the tax code. She recognizes correctly that if the tax code is simplified, if things are made more simple and more efficient, the government won’t be able to take as much from the citizenry. That is precisely  of course why we need to simplify the tax code.

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Poll: 1 in 3 Independent and Republican voters see the government as an “enemy”

Many people see the federal government as not reflecting their views at all. Some see the unending expansion of the state into every nook and cranny of life, and the gaming of the government by powerful corporate and political interests, as a real threat. Indeed that our massive government is encroaching on the things many Americans hold particularly dear, independence, for some – faith, economic liberty, liberty generally, privacy, and so on.

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