Here are the 52 public companies that make the most money from the federal government

Image: CNBC

This headline comes from CNBC and is misleading. These companies don’t “make the most money from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT,” Taxpayers are making these companies rich, not the government. It’s not the government’s money. It’s yours. Too many people forget this.

Why are we going into massive debt, in part, to pad the bottom lines of these companies?

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Rick Perry’s Texas Giveaways

“See now I wear glasses! Almost makes you forget that whole “whoops” moment doesn’t it? My PR person said it would.”

Perry is a crony capitalist. Absolutely. And Trump fans should call Perry and Trump out for it. There are plenty of swamps in Texas and Rick Perry is definitely a swamp thing.

However, if Perry helped Trump scrap the Department of Energy (this is very unlikely) he could redeem himself a bit.

Really though Trump would probably have been wise to let Perry remain out to pasture.

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Italy Urges Europe To Begin Censoring Free Speech On The Internet

Brexit, Trump, and the Italian referendum this month have shown pretty clearly that the global middle class has had about enough. However, the people who have long run the political show aren’t happy about this bourgeois revolt. Indeed as the “deplorables” have gained their voice the (old) powers that be are crying out for censorship. That, not Russian hacking, is what the “fake news” meme is all about. The crony media system, a partnership between government and the media corporations is breaking down and people like Obama,

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Trump Is Considering Measures To Privatize The VA


If there is any example of cronyism and disgusting government bureaucracy it is Veterans Affairs. There is no reforming.There is only blowing it up. Get vets out of this horrible socialized healthcare system and into a system where there is at least a modicum of economic reality. (And even more importantly a private sector level of service.)

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Feds imprison veteran for making improvements to his own property

When regulators get like this people lose respect for the regulators. Indeed people come to see the regulators as out and out enemies, which in many cases they are.

This is a man, I don’t care how ornery and defiant, who probably should never have seen a court, never mind a prison. And he’s been held in solitary confinement (as in he has spent time in solitary) since going to prison? (Prison prison.) That is nuts.

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