Why your 401(k) is vulnerable as tax reform plays out in Washington (Thanks “conservatives” in Congress)

We can NOT allow the 401k/IRA deductions to go away. I suppose if we instituted a flat tax of 5% we could contemplate it, but otherwise NO. This would constitute a massive tax increase on the middle class, and yet another assault on savers. That this is being bantered about with a GOP president, Senate, and House, is disgusting.

That’s right. Do the right thing. Put money away. Suffer the slings and arrows of the stock market.

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Politico: Hollywood wants a more ‘authentic’ 2020 candidate

If Hollywood wanted an actual authentic candidate there would be no reason for quotes, despite the word being pulled from the following article. No, what Hollywood wants is someone who looks “authentic” in their eyes and as such can fool middle America into voting for him or her. Hollywood is the most vacuous place on earth. The folks there have no interest in actual authenticity. That’s why they are in entertainment for crying out loud. They are in the business of FAKE,

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Why a Congress that’s protesting wasteful spending wants $77 million more for itself

Everyone wants something.

$77 million for Capitol Hill police and the Library of Congress is a relative pittance but it is the principle that matters. If this Congress is actually “conservative” (sic) spending should go down for pretty much everything. (Including the bloated military by the way.)

But we know that the “conservatives” in Congress don’t agree with the actual shrinking of government. We’ve learned that. But they do like to talk about it.

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DNC Chairman Claims ‘No Human Being Is Illegal’ (The racial division doubledown from the Dems)


OK, OK, we are generally pro-immigration here. And though no “person” can be illegal per se, one can do things that are illegal and as such the rule of law exists to address these issues. We do have a country, with borders correct? This is something that most people, even many libertarians think is a legitimate role for government, correct?

What we see here is the real (electoral) reason there is the effort to keep borders as open as possible.

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Paul Ryan fails again? Democrats celebrate expansion of spending/cronyism in budget deal

Of course they don’t use the word “cronyism” or the term “crony capitalism.” But that’s what the $5 billion in additional spending is all about – cronyism. 

Included in the deal struck with Trump is increased taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood (How such a thing could be funded by taxpayers at all is beyond me, but with a GOP Senate, House, and Presidency?) and a semi-bailout for profligate and utterly dysfunctional Puerto Rico. This is for starters.

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Charles Koch: Trump’s policies must not benefit only big businesses like mine

Charles Koch is a guy who gets a bad rap. Largely because Harry Reid a while back decided he needed something or someone to demonize.

I enjoyed Koch’s last book. And on the issue of crony capitalism (and many others) he’s very good. Yes, I am talking about Charles Koch of Koch Industries.

Koch recognizes that much of the system is skewed to benefit businesses like his. However, since Koch Industries is a private company he can say things like “

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The spirit of FREE SPEECH as we see it. (Nat Hentoff, patron saint of free speech.)

We are currently dealing with how best to moderate our discussions. We have long welcomed all comers so long as they are respectful of other readers and of the site. Unfortunately there has been a decline in civility and occasionally there is even malicious activity in our forum.

We are deeply committed to free speech. We always will be. If one comes to ACC with a heartfelt disagreement we are very happy to air it and to discuss it,

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POLITICO: What the Press Still Doesn’t Get About Trump (And refuses to see)

The #oldmedia loathes Trump. They loathe that he stopped Hillary Clinton’s coronation and it is unlikely that they will ever give Trump a fair shake. The #oldmedia despise that Trump put the brakes on the American Cultural Revolution and as such they will do what they can to bring the man down. Obama and Hillary were the good guys. Trump is a big boorish enemy of the “people” who was ironically put in office by “the people.” Just not the right people.

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