African Economist: “For God’s sake, stop the aid!”

Source: Der Spiegel

Earlier this year Rand Paul gave an excellent speech on the floor of the Senate explaining that despite good intentions foreign aid often only goes to entrench cronies and to further corruption in the developing world.

In this article in Der Spiegel Kenyan economist James Shikwati agrees in spirit with Paul.

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Buy a Camry, not a Malibu : The US Government Shakedown of Possibly the World’s Greatest Car Company, Toyota

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Toyota just paid $1.1 billion to settle lawsuits alleging random acceleration problems in its cars. The allegations were, and are essentially false. But, Toyota paid out because it knew it had to, to move on. A giant speeding ticket to the government. (And Toyota wasn’t even speeding.)

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This Is a Managed Economy – Note Smuggled from Chinese Labor Camp in Decorations Pleads for Help

An American woman unwrapping Halloween decorations bought from K-Mart earlier this year found a note which appears to have been written by someone working in a Chinese forced labor camp. It desperately asks the world to pay attention.

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The GM Deal Just Keeps Getting Worse for Taxpayers

Yesterday, it was announced that GM will buy back 200 million shares at a nearly 50% discount. (To the level which is “break even” for taxpayers.) That’s right, the taxpayer bailed out the company, or more specifically the United Auto Workers and their over funded pension and health care system, and now the taxpayer is selling (because the government wants to sell the shares) at far below the point at which taxpayers are paid back in full.

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The Dollar, the Fed, and Freedom

* I gave this speech on April 15th, 2009, in Charlottesville, Virginia. I had forgotten about it, but stumbled across it again today. It deserves a post to ACC.

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