The establishment Right and Left unload on David Stockman, Because he’s right and they are scared.

So Biden’s economic advisor Jared Bernstein and David Frum, speech writer for George Bush have both come out railing against David Stockman and his new book. This is a shock.

Though the book is not perfect, it is one of the best books on economic history that I’ve read.

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Wall Street Insider: 10-15% of the US Economy is fraudulent

In this interview which first appeared at  and was reposted at Jim Chanos, famous for shorting Enron and highlighting the fraud at the firm, talks corporate fraud generally and crony capitalism. He makes a number of assertions worth considering regarding the dishonesty on Wall Street, and explains why short sellers are vital to the marketplace. He explains that all the big fraudsters taken down in the past 20 years have been taken down by short sellers or journalists or both,

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An Excellent article from Bill Frezza: We Can’t Save Capitalism Unless We Denounce Its False Prophets

He is dead on in his critique. As we say all the time here. It is not “Right” versus “Left.” It is not “business” versus “government.”

The real battle in American politics today is between those who are inclined toward freedom and free enterprise and those who believe in collectivism (in its many forms). It is between those who believe in “a better mouse trap” and those who believe in the blunt hammer of government power. It is a fight between those who believe liberty and freedom for everyone is an ideal for which this country should stand,

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Tea Party lashes out at ‘Monsanto Protection Act’

The article refers to the “Tea Party” as “far right” and I don’t think that is exactly right. But that aside, the article reflects the widespread dissatisfaction with the piece of legislation signed by the president.

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