The USA Should Shun, Not Embrace China’s Crony Capitalist Economic Policies

How can America compete with China’s subsidized industries in the 21st Century? Surely we will be left behind and the Red Dragon will come back to swallow us into its state-capitalism fed belly.

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VP Biden’s Brother Gets Hired by Development Co., Co. gets $1.5 Billion Govt* Contract

In the recent debate the Vice President laughed off the issue of cronyism as not that big a deal. Well one can understand why after reading the attached article by investigative reporter Charlie Gasparino. Either Joe Biden has no idea what cronyism is, or he is all too aware that his family has benefited greatly from it and is seeking to deflect any attacks. Read the attached report and decide for yourself.

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The Crony Capitalist State

This was originally written as a column for the Star-Exponent.

The Administrative State is on the march. It extends itself into nearly every part of our lives. In business especially so.  It is slowing the economy, creating uncertainty for business owners, and increasingly partnering with the largest business entities to crowd out competitors.

There has long been a narrative, nearly 200 years old now (and really much older than that), that business is at odds with the worker.

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Crony Tech: Did Google get a Sweetheart Deal to Develop the Kansas City Google Fiber Network?

It appears that they likely did.

Google said they wanted to build a network in a medium sized city, and communities all over America begged Google to make them a test case. But there can be only one winner—Sorry Rancho Cucamonga—and Kansas City won. Given that their football team is the Chiefs and baseball team the Royals, KC deserved to win something. So congrats.

But at ARS Technica Timothy B. Lee rightly identifies that Google has been subsidized by the city (and its taxpayers) to expand there.

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The Conversation Broadens: MSNBC Talks About Crony Capitalism

I could not be more pleased that people who are generally inclined toward a faith in government are increasingly being forced to confront the reality of crony capitalism.

To the degree that power is given to the government cronyism and corruption increases. This is understood now even outside of free market circles, and it makes many people uncomfortable. I do love it.

A good example is the attached video from MSNBC where a generally progressive panel—with one exception—discusses the charges of crony capitalism levied against the president by Mitt Romney.

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