Study: Tesla Car Battery Production Releases As Much CO2 As 8 Years Of Driving On Gas

I like Teslas because they are fast. Aside from that the styling is nothing interesting and the eco benefits are at best – well not all that great.

Additionally Tesla is a deeply crony company that survives, even now, only because of subsidies.

But they are fast.

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Trump ‘Assassination’ Play Still Funded by Time Warner (CNN’s parent), Taxpayers

Lots of Trump voters still do business with these Time Warner companies.

Now I wonder why Time Warner is funding a play about Trump’s assassination?

It’s like they might have some corporate interest in making life hard for Trump. It’s like the company might have something to lose if people started to think critically about the narratives formed by Time Warner’s companies like CNN, Disney, ESPN, Time “magazine,” Headline News, People Magazine and so on.

Tell me again how there is no “corporate Left.”  

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Now It’s a Crime to Make Your Own Medical Decisions?

Regardless of where one is in the great vaccine debate I think most of us can agree that the state should not have the authority to FORCIBLY vaccinate people. Additionally Americans should understand that vaccines are good business for some drug manufacturers. Manufactures who have lobbyists. Think about that for a second.

Nothing like an exclusive government granted license for a product, and then a government mandate that citizens use the product, for the corporate bottom line.

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ObamaCare: A Crony Capitalist’s Best Friend

Indeed Obamacare is a massive, colossal vehicle for crony capitalism. We have maintained this from the very beginning of the program. It is full of sweetheart deals, exceptions for politically powerful groups, and most importantly nice fat revenue streams to the health care monolith. It should always be remembered that pharma and the insurance industry wrote big parts of Obamacare. It’s how the Dems bought off industry to squeeze in a highly partisan, hyper-partisan, piece of legislation.

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That makes 5 vice presidents who have left in 3 months: Two Tesla Production Chiefs to Leave Ahead of Model 3 Ramp-Up

I have to admit I do love the gull wing doors. However the last taxpayer backed car with gull wing doors didn’t do so well.

We’ve said before that Elon Musk isn’t a crony king (other people hold that crown) but more of a crony prince. But he is a crony to be sure (no matter how much good press he gets) as many of his most famous endeavors hinge on government (taxpayer) funding. Tesla,

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Global Warming Fund a Slush Fund for World’s Dictators

The “climate initiative” thing or whatever that Obama came back from Paris with and the Republican congressional leadership made sure was funded has “scheme” written all over it. (And “scheme” is the nice word.) The cronies in many poor countries saw an opportunity to line their pockets with the adoption of the initiative and so supported it in the UN.

So enjoy watching billions of your money going to crony despots of all kinds all around the world in the name of fighting “climate change.”

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Valerie Jarrett STILL Receives A $36K Annual Pension For Part-Time Chicago Transit Authority Role

Ms. Jarrett has played the crony capitalism game well. Granted she did come from Chicago which has a climate which is highly conducive to cronyism, but she has been particularly adept.

We have chronicled her exploits in the past and this new information is not a surprise. This is how cronies do it. The connected get checks. That’s the way it goes. The bigger the government, the more opportunities for cronyism. That’s why cronies always want more government.

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Poor Countries Demand $3.5 Trillion in Climate Finance at Paris Conference*

Now let’s just guess whether the crony classes in these poor countries will just happen to pocket all of this “climate mitigation” money. OK, let’s not guess because we know the answer. Of course it’s a scam. But it’s dressed up as “social justice” of course.

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Museum of corruption to open in NY, Focus on kickbacks and cronyism, Albany’s “renewable resource”

I like the way this professor thinks. Why not create a tourist destination which makes use of New York State’s seemingly unending corruption? There’ll always be something new to explore, and New Yorkers and other folks from all around will be able to come and learn in detail about the underbelly of the Empire State.

Seriously, it’s a great idea. In fact someone ought to do one in Downtown Washington DC. I’d bet it would be a solid draw.

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