California’s skyrocketing housing costs, taxes prompt exodus of residents

If it weren’t for the clueless government and traffic why would anyone leave?

The only reasons many people have stuck around as long as they have is because the weather in much of California is fantastic and because one can drive from orange groves to world class or close to world class skiing in 2 hours. (In theory.) One can put up with a lot when it’s 75 degrees, sunny, with low humidity. I know I could.

But there are limits.

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Charlie Rangle says he “deserves” to be protected by guns, You do not however (VIDEO)

There are perfectly reasonable reasons why there are well armed people who should be protecting the Capitol. However, Rangle’s statement reflects clearly the 2 tiered (multitiered?) system in this country. Cronies at the top. The great unwashed (and in Rangle’s hope, unarmed) throngs below.

Part of a crony society is such a tiered system. The cronies, the connected, have a certain group of rules they think that they live by. For the rest of the citizenry, those who don’t suffer from Potomac Fever,

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Oliver Stone slams tech giants accusing them of “collaborating” with the government, calls it “form of fascism”

Oliver Stone is not my favorite guy in the world. He has said and done a number of things with which I strongly do not not agree. However he is a hell of a director and Wall Street and Platoon rank in my personal all time top 20 movies. And he is absolutely correct about the cozy relationship between some tech companies, particularly Google (which has visited the White House far more than any other company during Obama’s presidency) and the government.

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#Brexit: What Britain and the world is fighting, In some ways Brussels makes Washington DC almost look like “small government” (VIDEO)

Check this out. What a nightmare. A bureaucratic wonderland of unaccountably, red tape, and crony capitalism. Why would anyone want to be a part of this? Check that, why would anyone who wanted to be a free person want to be a part of this?

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Boris Johnson’s closing speech – a call for a British “Independence Day” – was the defining moment of the (BREXIT) campaign – VIDEO

Free people around the world have a lot riding on whether Britain stands up to the European Union or whether it capitulates to Brussels. Make no mistake, Brexit is very important for those of us in the USA too. If the UK stands up for itself it will send a message to the world that that sovereignty outweighs the importance of banker and bureaucratic interests. If Britain votes to leave it will deal a blow to people like George Soros who fear the UK asserting itself in the face of massive crony opposition.

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Bill Kristol: “We Beat Back Ron Paul and Rand Paul” (Right…And this is why the neocons remain in the political wilderness and Jeb got spanked. Because you won.)

The neocons are for big government and wars. Bill Kristol is for big government and wars. The neocons disliked Reagan and celebrated George W. Bush’s massive expansion of the state. They loathe libertarianism and they loathe the Pauls. They quietly like Hillary Clinton who is basically an extension of George W. Bush in many respects. In fact most neocons – most of whom are Bushites – would probably like to see Hillary win this go’round. (Though they can’t say it publicly –

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Poll: 73% of Likely Republican Voters believe GOP leaders have lost touch with Republican voters

In the polling world 73% is a big number. When a president is at 73% approval it is the smoothest of sailing. When 73% of the voters in a party think party leaders are not reflecting their views it reflects serious anger.

Likely GOP leadership will dismiss these numbers as they have the TEA Party, the opposition to the Omnibus spending bills, the opposition to the Export-Import Bank renewal, and all sorts of other things.

How long leadership can continue to do so is another question.

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Hillary Clinton friend George W Bush, and they are friends, attacks Trump

Some people are acting like it’s some big coup that the Bushes (who were basically humiliated in the primaries) are attacking Trump. Folks, of course they are attacking Trump. They got spanked.  Lindsey Graham is attacking Trump. Mitt Romney is attacking Trump. The Bushite neocons are on the record as saying they may defect to Hillary because Trump isn’t sufficiently hawkish for them. And you will notice that these washed up Republicans aren’t running out and endorsing the small government candidate,

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Why Do You Need a License to Braid Hair?

Occupational licensing makes life difficult for millions of would be entrepreneurs across this country.

In most cases such licensing is merely a way to restrict competition. Want to braid hair? Go get a license. Can’t afford the license and the ridiculous time requirements for a license? Well, too bad. Guess you don’t have what it takes to braid hair.

And the same goes for all sorts of occupations, even lemonade stands in many places.

This red tape contributes to poverty.

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