The U.S. foreign-aid budget, visualized

This money (US taxpayer money) often just goes to the crony classes within these countries. Those positioned to take advantage of the USA’s largess do well. The “people” often do less well. Especially when considering that much of this money goes to arms. (American arms.)

When it comes to military aid both the Military Industrial Complex lobbyists and the lobbyists of favored countries team up to make sure American taxpayers continue to pay the bills for their clients.

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If the Word Liberal Is Up for Grabs, Can We Have It Back?

I hear you Mr. Tucker. Most of the world is confused by our political terms anyway. “Liberal” used to mean free minds and free markets. Then somewhere along the way, many blame that superstatist FDR, “liberal” came to mean big government and meddling in the marketplace. Though even American modern “liberalism” had vestiges until recently of the Enlightenment.

We at ACC consider ourselves “classical liberals”. But we’d be fine with using the word “liberal” if we could. If the modern “Left”

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Greenwald: “Why Did Saudi Regime & Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to Clinton Foundation?”

This comes from Democracy Now! the hyper “liberal” news broadcast. Thing is, though I disagree fundamentally with DN on nearly everything they do real news unlike CNN and MSNBC. It’s nice to hear a legit anti-crony (for the most part) voice from what is called the “Left” in this country.

Get through the obligatory “Trump is a nut” (What else is the guy going to say?) bit at the beginning of Greenwald’s interview. The rest is pretty darn good.

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45 Congressmen Ask DEA Not to Ban Kratom Next Week

Kratom is an herb that has helped some people get off of opioids. It is a drug but one can buy it legally. However this will soon change due to a DEA classification of kratom as a Schedule 1 substance. (Which means it’s totally banned even from research.)

The herb appears to have helped people. Why ban it, even from research, in the face of increasing prescription opioid addiction?

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Big Pharma Lobbies To Keep People Hooked On Opioids?

I read sometime in the last year that the pharmaceutical lobby is widely thought to be the most powerful lobby in Washington.

Consider that for a moment. More powerful than oil and gas, more powerful than the lawyers, more powerful than the banks. Pharma is the biggest dog on K Street.

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Mylan’s EpiPen Schools Push: Were parent health bloggers manipulated (enticed?) into lobbying for the company?

So Mylan recruited a team of parent “health bloggers” to make the case for an EpiPen mandate in public schools. The company wined and dined the bloggers and then paraded them in front of lawmakers and the media. During this time Mylan was also jacking up the price of the EpiPen as schools were forced to buy the product.

(From Reuters)

It was the first of at least four summits, each involving about 15 bloggers,

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Stockman: Inequality Led to the Rise of Donald Trump

David Stockman is one on a list of people I watch particularly closely. He gets what’s going on, he’s been on the inside of budgetary Washington and the inside of New York finance, and has emerged from it all as a kind of gadfly dissident. He says what he’s thinking and very often it is dead on.

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I called the Wells Fargo ethics line and was fired (Where is Warren Buffett, who controls 10% of Wells Fargo, on this?)

Image: AP

Wells Fargo is Warren Buffett’s bank. (He holds 10% of it.)

Wells thought it could weather the current fraud storm just by firing a bunch of underlings. But the underlings weren’t the ones who developed and encouraged the fraudulent policy of charging clients for “ghost accounts.” It was company leadership.

Seems this sort of thing is (supposedly) anathema to Warren’s down homey philosophy of finance. One would think he’d want to weigh in and set shareholders,

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Truly open social media? New site with momentum, GAB

We post this for our readers’ information. Whether GAB takes off is an open question. (To say the least.) Most social media alternatives have a hard time carving out a space for themselves these days. But GAB says that it will truly be a censorship free platform. In that case it’s at least worth checking out.

Click here.

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