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Putin wants to wall off the Internet

It’s good to remember that this guy is a big big government autocrat and a veteran of the KGB. The entire country is a cleptocacy and compliance to the Putin Plan is requisite for pretty much everyone.

The Great Internet Wall of China has proven moderately effective at best. Millions of people break through it daily. Russia, home of many highly talented hackers would probably have the same problem.

Isn’t it interesting how the powers that be, whether in Moscow, Beijing, London, or Washington are so concerned about the flow of information? Information itself is a threat. The truth is a threat.

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David Stockman says we’re headed for a dramatic crash “but especially in tech.” (Video)

The interviewer rightly points out that Stockman has been calling for a crash for a long time. In March he announced to the world that a crash was imminent and that he was entirely in cash. The market has been up dramatically since that call.

But fundamentally Stockman is right. All the money created by the world’s central banks is floating around out there in financeland (it might not have found its way into YOUR pockets but many Wall Street pockets are full) and that money is tinder just waiting to catch fire.

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46 percent of doctors give Obamacare a ‘D’ or ‘F’

Not surprising. I know a number of people in the medical field, mostly on the logistics side who are up in arms over Obamacare. Nobody knows what all the coding is. The codes coming in are all wrong. There are too many codes. Doctors aren’t being compensated correctly. Patients are confused as to who is paying for what. And I live where people are relatively savvy as to healthcare issues. I’m just down the road from a large medical school. I can only imagine what it’s like in other parts of the country.

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US fines over data requests would have destroyed Yahoo in a year

Break em’. So what if the company employs thousands of people and provides a valuable service to the public? So what if there’s a recession on and the last thing America needs is another large company going down the tubes?  Break em’ and show them that the 4th Amendment doesn’t apply anymore. Yahoo can fight us but we’ll bleed them dry long before it ever gets to the courts. And even then we’ve got the judges where we want them.

Break em’. Show that company who’s in charge.

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Is Keynes Misunderstood, Maligned By Critics?

In a September 11 Bloomberg article, economist Noah Smith claims that John Maynard Keynes, the architect of today’s government economic policies around the world, wasn’t a “‘socialist’” or even a “‘progressive.’” He did not favor “a command economy.”

Yes he “was in favor of some amount of wealth redistribution and government intervention into the economy.” But “Keynesian policies are fundamentally … about economic stability,… about smoothing out the fluctuations in the economy, reducing risk for everyone concerned.”

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The Ex-Im Bank and the trouble with the Republican party.

I’ll say this for the Democrats when it comes to corruption. They don’t really hide it. Everyone knows that the Dem machines in the Northeast and on the West Coast are full of union winks and nods. Everyone knows that it’s pay to play in New York, Chicago, Boston, and California. It’s understood and in many ways accepted.

But the Republicans have long acted like they were above this. That indeed the Republican Party was and is the party of good governance, of the suburbs, and middle class accountability. This was the spirit of Reagan for instance.

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