#CNNBlackmail : Tracks Down And Threatens to Dox Creator of Trump Wrestling Gif (Appears to be a 15 year old kid)

So CNN is doxxing people now (or perhaps worse, threatening to)? And it calls itself a network? And it wants people to think it’s a legitimate news source?

It thinks it’s going to intimidate the people who actually know what is up at CNN? If that is the case the outlet really hasn’t learned a thing.

We don’t think Trump should have retweeted, and the guy in question might not be the nicest of folks,

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Journalists who celebrated Obama and demonize Trump are only empowering the new President

What we’ve seen with the media and this president is just ugly. The media so wanted a Hillary presidency. They were so all in for her. But they were denied by the “deplorables” and the #oldmedia HATE that. They can not stand that their heads were handed to them by their “lessers.” The folks within the #oldmedia are beside themselves that their worldview has been rejected, and even more scary for the #oldmedia, that their worldview is likely only to be rejected more in the future.

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Opinion: Trump’s White House sends arrogant media into Obama withdrawal

The #oldmedia, the #cronymedia, are on notice. They were so obviously pro-Clinton in the 2016 race that many Americans just gave up on the #oldmedia altogether. Any sense of fairness seemed in 2016 to go out the window. The old media companies, companies that had long watched their market share and revenues decline, doubled down on the establishment candidate in a ploy for relevance. But they busted. Spectacularly.

Now the old media are coming to terms with their new status.

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MIT study illustrates the insular nature of #OLDMEDIA journalists

As this data appears to show, much of the #oldmedia operates within an echo chamber. This of course is probably not news for most ACC readers. For many of us the echo chamber effect in the #oldmedia seems patently obvious. There have been dozens of stories we’ve touched on here over the years, of significant consequence, which were/are largely ignored by the #oldmedia. These stories are typically ones that are critical of the establishment, of which the #oldmedia, the #cronymedia are a part.

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The effort to characterize ACTUAL NEWS as “fake news” is a pro-#Oldmedia, pro-Establishment PROPAGANDA push (PART 1)

So let’s talk about “fake news.”

As you are likely aware, in the wake of the Trump victory there has been a desperate attempt to come to terms with why the Clinton machine lost despite having essentially all of the #oldmedia on its side. Let’s take a moment and review how biased toward Hillary Clinton (and her machine) the #oldmedia actually was.

Below only represents a tiny fraction of the stories we featured on the pro-Establishment and pro-Clinton propaganda push from the powers that be in the #oldmedia,

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It’s time to end Nerd Prom (The White House Correspondents’ Dinner)

The dinner in a nutshell.

I hate the term “nerd prom” anyway. It’s such baloney. It’s self aggrandizement veiled in false modesty. The people who attend the dinner aren’t “nerds.” They don’t think of themselves as “nerds.” They are social climbing politicos. Throw in the Hollywood people and the whole thing is practically insufferable. Bill Press agrees.

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The real reason everyone in the media is unloading on Larry Wilmore for his White House Correspondents’ Dinner address

I watched the whole bit on Saturday night and I thought it was actually pretty darn good. (Saying this I fully acknowledge that comedy is a very subjective thing.)  Wilmore hammers the media and gives Obama a good ribbing too. Mrs. Obama was the only one who got out unscathed. It really is worth a watch.

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“Don’t believe the liberal media” sign behind Maddow and Chris Matthews, cute (Picture)

It is clear that the media is indeed quite “liberal,” actually I prefer the term statist or collectivist, but in the “parlance of our times” as the Dude might say. Really the media is kind of left of center corporatist if one wants to put a fine point on it. (As we have discussed and explored many times here, the #oldmedia, #cronymedia.)

Saying that this picture still made me chuckle. I figure it might do the same for even our “liberal”

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Morning Joe speaks the truth: Scarborough Blasts Mainstream Media’s Liberal Bias: ‘They Are Embarrassing Themselves’ (Video)

“Outside of Britt Hume who has been a conservative in the mainstream media over the last 30 years?” …You can’t name one.”

Finally, finally the Republicans are sticking it to the media which has always been against them.

Look, we are no particular fans of the Republicans as we often say, but it is about time the GOP called the #oldmedia out. Good job Joe. We’ll forgive you for hugging supercrony Valarie Jarrett for this one.

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Washington Post says; “Trust in the media is at an all-time low. That’s a terrible thing for all of us.” (No it’s not. It’s a good thing.)

Interesting that Dems still trusted the media more than Republicans and independents all through the Bush years.

Of course The Post thinks the fact that the public no longer trusts it is a bad thing. That a small group of media outlets can no longer completely dominate the news “narrative” is terrible in the eyes of one of the #oldmedia outlets. We wouldn’t expect them to like it. But that people no longer trust the “media” particularly the “legacy,”

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Jon Stewart’s secret White House visits

Cultivating this relationship was smart for the President. It’s a good way to keep tabs on (and to manipulate potentially) tone with an influential young(er) and politically motivated demographic.

It is also unfortunately another great example of the #CRONYMEDIA.

It might be “fake news” (as Stewart often says) but one could make the case that sometimes Jon’s product ventured a little close to the propaganda line. It may be smart. He may be smart. But if Stewart is meeting with the President secretly during particularly sensitive times for narrative creation,

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