CNN’s Cuomo Equates the ‘N Word’ with Using the Term ‘Fake News’ Against Journalists (So says fake news spokesperson and son of the former NY governor)

This is hilarious. It was the establishment spinmeisters and the #oldmedia like CNN that originally tried to spread the term “fake news” in an effort to disparage Breitbart and other #newmedia sources. And now Cuomo has a problem with the term. Boo hoo. It got turned around on him and now he’s whining.

Well let’s just review a little clip from Cuomo’s show so that we can all remember why so many Americans feel that CNN wantonly engages in acts of “fake news.”

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White House has had enough, Cuts CNN out, No more pundits on “fake news” channel

CNN has been pushing its luck. It basically was all in for Hillary in the election and then post election it went all in against Trump. I’m not surprised that the administration made this decision. And really, it is CNN that made the decision.

Now this doesn’t mean CNN can’t cover the White House of course. It just means that it has lost its preferred membership card.

Sorry CNN you can go hang out with BuzzFeed and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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“United States Attorney Preet Bharara is expected to indict Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday, January 2nd of next year”

Mr. Bharara is one interesting guy. He just prosecuted the formerly very powerful former Speaker of the New York State Assembly Sheldon Silver. (Who is headed to jail for a long time.) Now, according to The Buffalo Chronicle he has Governor Cuomo in his sights.

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Christie’s New Jersey, Cuomo’s New York, and the black hole of cronyism and bureaucracy right in the middle

Today Chris Christie’s deputy chief of staff pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the in the “Bridgegate” affair, where lanes on the George Washington Bridge were closed to punish the Mayor of Fort Lee for not supporting Christie in the most recent gubernatorial election. It’s another blow to the New Jersey governor’s presidential bid.

But as Bloomberg reports, “Bridgegate” is merely a symptom of a port authority system which is rife with inside dealing, corruption, power plays, and mindless bureaucracy.

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More Crony Media: Cuomo gives taxpayer dollars to Hollywood, Hollywood then hooks up Cuomo

Why do politicians so like hanging out with entertainment industry types? I suppose it’s just that egos tend to attract one another. That and the money Hollywood doles out to coffers, in this case after Cuomo took the money from New York taxpayers and gave it to Hollywood first. But don’t call it a kickback.

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Cuomo received big donations from companies which got big tax credits

It is New York state. I just assume when I pass over the state line that it’s pay to play there. Like Mexico. So what if the governor received over a half million in contributions from companies which later got big tax credits. No big deal.

Yet some still wonder why people are leaving the state.

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Gov. Cuomo’s “anti-corruption” commission dissolved when Coumo media buying company is investigated

Another for the “surprise, surprise” file.

Even though the governor of New York created the commission with much fanfare in 2013 to “clean up Albany” it was dead by 2014. The commission was looking into things a little too closely.

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