Dairy Lobby Sides with Florida in Orwellian Attempt to Redefine ‘Skim Milk’

Milk is almost as politicized as booze.

What is the deal with milk? For such a simple innocuous substance it sure has a lot of shady economics and politics attached to it.

For instance in many places raw milk is contraband. Everywhere in America the price is regulated by the feds for the long established dairy guild. Taxpayers pay for pro-milk propaganda. There are battles over what milk even legally is. (It’s not almond milk.

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How free is a country which will prosecute a man for selling raw milk?

Vernon Hershberger ran a farm which exchanged raw milk for work on the farm, donations, and sometimes if people were hungry, for nothing at all. The government didn’t take kindly to the operation and so sought to make an example of Mr. Hershberger, at significant cost to the taxpayer.

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