Georgetown Professor: The true “constitutional crisis” is the concerted effort to “resist” or undermine the “norm” of a peaceful transfer of power after election.

The professor nails it. The Dems and the media are playing a very dangerous game right now. Many honestly believe that they are “resisting” Trump when they are basically doing the bidding of the political class. You aren’t “resisting” anything. You are aiding and abetting the big shots. (Of course some know this. But others, probably most, just don’t. They still consider CNN to be a legitimate news source at this point. They just don’t know.

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Bushite neocons call Trump “dangerous”, Now who blew up Iraq?

Whether Trump is “dangerous” is an open question. It is not for us to say. Mr. Trump is not terribly diplomatic that is for sure. He seems prone to bluster and posturing, 2 traits which are not always the best thing for a commander in chief. So maybe he is dangerous. However many of the Republicans on this list are the same war hawks who prosecuted the deeply failed Bush foreign policy. So…?

The neocons feared Rand Paul because Rand would have sent them to the woodshed.

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