The anti-Trump, George Soros sponsored Media Matters playbook for all to see, Download it while you can

David Brock and George Soros were tightly tied in with the Obama White House. Then they got slammed by Trump. Since being demolished they’ve coordinated an effort to derail the current president.

It’s spin. It’s political information warfare. Media Matters was the de facto Ministry of Information for Obama (and his sponsors). And they don’t like that they got housed. They don’t like that the everyday American raised their voice.

Trump ain’t perfect but at least he isn’t sponsored by George Soros like Obama and Hillary were.

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David Brock Again: Money Laundering Scheme Exposed – 14 Pro-Clinton Super PACs & Non-Profits Implicated

This is diabolical. David Brock, head of the de facto Ministry of Information Media Matters and all around crony apologist for Soros, Obama, and Clinton has a crazy thing going according to this report. Talk about churning a book of business. This is how to get rich in Washington DC.

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Mediaite: David Brock (Of Soros sponsored Media Matters) Officially Goes Loco with NY Times ‘Conservative Propaganda’ Slam

You know things are getting a bit weird when “progressives” (well one very odd progressive) start accusing the New York Times, The Times, you know, The New York Times of being a conservative mouthpiece. That’s like saying Fox is pulling out the stops for Bernie Sanders. It is ludicrous. But hey, that’s David Brock.

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Politico gets confidential campaign memo: Secret effort to sell Hillary Clinton to rich liberals

The preferred nominee in San Francisco?

This is a very interesting and illuminating article, though if one has been following what’s been going on with Ms. Clinton lately it is not surprising. It should be noted that the fundraising bogey appears to have been cut in half from $1 billion to a mere (sic) $500 million. That is very significant.

Ms. Clinton is not lighting the world on fire for many rich lefties and her campaign in clearly concerned.

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James Carville to write for Soros funded Media Matters

The good old days.

Oh James Carville, it’s been too long since you were last on the scene. Good to see that you are jumping right in to the coming election campaign and joining the George Soros funded propaganda outfit Media Matters. That seems about right.

The attached article from Politico I think sets the tone for what is to come.

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Clinton cronies already at each others throats over fundraising spoils

There’s so much money to be had around Hillary Clinton’s fundraising that the cronies are stabbing each other in the back to get at it. But David Brock, founder of the propaganda unit Media Matters  knows the deal. He’s been in the mix for a very long time and he shouldn’t be complaining.

I’m sure he’ll find another way to make a buck or 10 million around the 2016 presidential race.

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President Obama Rewards former head of propaganda mill with a political nomination

Let’s be totally clear. Media Matters is a propaganda outfit. That’s all that it is. Create a narrative. Disseminate to MSNBC and fellow travelers. Attack the the attackers of said propaganda. Repeat. This is the Media Matters MO.

David Brock, the founder of Media Matters had (has?) de facto cabinet level access in the Obama White House. He was (is?) essentially the “Minster of Information.”

And now the president has nominated Matthew Butler,

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Obama White House mouthpiece and Soros funded Media Matters won’t let its own workers unionize

Funny, he’s not for you.

This is an interesting little dust up. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is pressuring the de facto propaganda outfit for the White House to let its workers unionize. But get this, Media Matters management is fighting the effort hard.

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This is what modern propaganda looks like, Media Matters desperately tries to change the conversation from Obamacare

In the previous post we discussed the recent meeting the president had with friendly journalists earlier this week. The White House is worried that it’s losing the messaging war. The media has been lock step with this president since day one, but recently the rank and file haven’t been filing friendly enough stories.

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AP: Report, “Obama brings chilling effect on journalism.”

This president and his administration have sought to chill dissent. Like the political correctness fanatics which now run our universities (a movement from which Obama it should be noted emerged) who chill speech at every turn in the name of “tolerance and diversity” this president uses similar newspeak when he calls for transparency and “freedom.”

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Notice how the media always seems to have a coordinated message these days? Here’s where the message comes from.

There’s still some independence in the establishment media, but more often than not, with big national stories, an idea is crafted at Media Matters and then is sent around to newsrooms all over Washington DC and New York. These talking points are picked up by producers and reporters and then repeated. Last year The Daily Caller, a conservative website, charged that Media Matters acted essentially as a ministry of information for the current administration. 

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