This Is What Crony Capitalism Looks Like: Boeing Is Threatening to Move Abroad if It Doesn’t Get to Keep Its Ex-Im Subsidies

Excuse me?

OK, Boeing has every right to go wherever it chooses as far as I’m concerned but this sort of posturing should be kept in mind when it comes time to award defense contracts. Basically the company is holding a gun on some members of congress and demanding money from the taxpayers—or else. This kind of behavior should not be rewarded.

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de Rugy: Congress did a lot for special business interests in 2014

When people ask what I do I tell them I spend a lot of my time focusing on crony capitalism. Invariably they smile and say something to the effect that “I must be busy.” Yeah, there’s a lot out there.

And we’re not the only ones. Veronique de Rugy does a bit of a 2014 roundup.

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Veronique de Rugy: Cronyism is the “American Way”

If you want to get involved in business you should get involved in politics.” – Senator Orin Hatch to a gathering of tech industry leaders in 2000.

Ms. de Rugy is right on nearly all of the time. She pins it again in the attached post from the National Review.

She laments just how pervasive state intervention in markets is. Even supposedly conservative politicians such as John Kasich in Ohio,

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