Republican Debate: What Makes a Candidate Strong?

And how does this relate to crony capitalism?

Commentators have called the last Republican debate “thermonuclear” and similar adjectives, but not ill-mannered, which it was. Is this because good manners no longer matter? Or do good manners actually count against you?

Is this the message we are now sending our young: that manners mark you as weak, and bad manners mark you as strong,

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Tonight’s Debate Now Beyond Insulting as Moderator Meets with Campaigns Beforehand (Plus, why on Saturday night?)

It’s like they are trying to have a debate without having anyone actually see the debate.

Saturday night is a great time to do politics. People will be on the edge of their seats – watching football.

This whole process with the DNC stinks. There is one candidate in their eyes and one candidate only. And they think that Democratic voters will put up with these shenanigans. Sadly, they probably will.

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Oh it’s on: Jeb Bush called Trump an “a**hole”

“Now what did you call me?”

Whether Trump is one or not I’ll leave to you dear reader, but it’s pretty clear that Trump has really upset the old boys in the GOP. The debate, which one can watch online HERE (with a cable subscription) promises to be a good one.

And I’m sure it’s not the first time someone has called Mr. Hair that.

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Here’s Who Will Appear in the Fox News Primetime GOP Debate

The Fox higher ups have made their decision. They have blessed 10 candidates. 7 more have been relegated to AAA status.

Also, word is the moderators are afraid that Trump is going to just talk whenever he wants. They say they have a plan for dealing with such a situation.

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Libertarians take on the 2016 presidential debates, will sue to be included

How great would it be if the Libertarians were included? How much more fun? How much more real?

Include the Greens too and the debates this go’round will be much more valuable for the average voter. Of course it’s a shot right at the heart of the 2 party duopoly and so will be fought to the bayonets by the old guard.

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