The Deep State Clings to its Privilege, Politico: Federal employees step up defiance of Trump


And the first 3 people PAY for the last guy.

One of the reasons Trump must be looked at as a mixed bag for advocates of freedom is because of the fear he has put in the hearts of many career government workers. He ain’t all bad by any means.

All across Washington, career toadies, people who were sure they’d sail into the next few years with the fair winds of Hillary Clinton blowing them toward a taxpayer financed retirement are freaking out.

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Some people do not understand why we believe informed citizens should be very weary of the “official” narrative coming out of Washington with regard to Trump and Russia. The often brilliant Justin Raimondo, lays out an excellent case for skepticism below.

Are Trump and Putin buddies? We don’t know. Did they collude? We don’t know. Are there many people in the establishment who want anything BUT peace with Russia? Yes. Do the neocons want to expand NATO and generally support a German dominated European Union (that is hostile to Russia for historical reasons)?

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Hate Trump? You Should Have Voted for Ron Paul

The world needs much more analysis like this. This is excellent. Clear, levelheaded, thoughtful political analysis. And it comes to us from a professor at Cal State Fullerton and in Counter Punch of all places.

I’m sorry folks but you Dems who got so worked up for Hillary were had. She was the war candidate (she said removing Assad was priority number one) and deeply corrupt to boot. You had a chance to steer things in the fight direction with Ron Paul.

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Boston Globe: Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change.

I was recently talking with senior wonk in Washington DC about this very issue. Why was it for all the think tanks, all the white papers, all the fits and crying in the media about this issue and that, that policy on the big issues hardly ever changes to reflect the will of the American people?

My friend thought basically the same as the author interviewed in the attached article. There is a surface level government and then there is the “deep state,”

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Bob Woodward asks regarding the US “secret government, “What’s going on here? Who is in control of it?” (Video)

Our government loves secrecy. I heard recently that nearly 3 million people in the United States have “secret” security clearances. A lot of information flows through the government now that the average citizen, the other 307 million of us, don’t get to see.

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