GOP finally finds something it will fight Obama for, Too bad it’s more government spending

We have a massive military. We have bases around the world. We have by far and away the largest military in the world. And the main reason this is is not because of threats to “American interests” but because defense spending is how Republicans (and Democrats too) distribute tax money to their constituents. It’s an ugly truth, but it is the truth.

Yes the “defense” of the country is expressly enumerated in the Constitution. DEFENSE. Not empire. Empires are costly for the citizenry of a country,

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To what degree is the the “Defense” industry driving foreign policy? And why Obama is the military contractor’s best friend

As I’ve written many times before, I grew up around the military industrial complex. I am a Navy brat and am still a Navy Football fan. (Pretty much the only team I care about these days.) I know the squeal of an F-14 as it banks in at sunset to land with its wings open. I can practically recite Top Gun to you. At one point I thought I might want to be a navy SEAL. My mother used to take us to the beach and we’d watch the giant hovercrafts ramp over the dunes.

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Democrats Give Excuses For Not Joining Anti-Drone Filibuster

Yesterday I got to meet Rand Paul (briefly and in passing) and I have to say I was impressed. The guy is funny and he can think on his feet.

I thanked him for what he did in the Senate last week. I believe the issues he raised and brought to the fore are of vital importance to the American people.

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The Only Metropolis Where the Average Family Can Afford a New Car? Washington DC

The average annual household income for those who live in the Washington DC area is $86,680. And this is factoring some of the “less wealthy” counties of the region too. Loudoun County, just to my north averages over $120,000/household/year. It’s the wealthiest county in the United States largely because it is filled to the brim with government employees and military contractors. In years past one would have expected the wealthiest areas of the country to be populated by captains of industry,

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The Military is Big Government Too, “Defense” Prepares for Deep Cuts, It’s About Time

Every time I write about this topic, someone gets irritated and explains to me that “defense” is actually enumerated in the Constitution and so is a valid expenditure of taxpayer money.

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