Taibbi: If you believe there’s such a thing as “too much democracy,” you probably don’t believe in democracy at all

Matt Taibbi is one of those people I put in the “principled liberal” camp. (And I do consider him a “liberal” in the good sense if not the classical sense.) He and I often disagree on important issues but the guy has a keen eye for injustice and has done an excellent job of pulling back the curtain on the Wall Street wing of the crony class. (And the City of London also.) He offers a very reasonable and reasoned analysis of Brexit below.

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“Democracy’s a tired thing.“ – Bob McKee, CNBC asks if democracy is the problem with the economy.

Bob McKee the co-author of Democrisis says that democracies can’t keep debt under control.  As such they are destined for crisis. Nonsense.  Democracies (and non-democracies) with fiat currencies can’t keep debt under control. It happens over and over and over.

McKee assures us that the alternative to “democracy” isn’t necessarily an authoritarian regime however. There will just be a “narrowing” of democracy (in Europe).  That’s encouraging. I wonder who gets to operate within this more narrow political spectrum?

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