Clinton Campaign ‘Collusion‘ with Justice Department (VIDEO)

This election (and specifically Wikileaks) has ripped away the facade of the political machine. The media, the DNC, the White House and the Department of Justice, the guys on the GOP side. It’s all terribly ugly and undermines, at least to some extent, the very legitimacy of the system. We need transparency and we need it now.

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Jamie Dimon crossed Obama, Hell hath no fury like a President scorned

In the end, it’s all about raising money for campaigns.


Jamie Dimon is no boy scout and his firm JP Morgan, has benefited immensely from artificially low interest rates from the Federal Reserve and from connections to the Federal government. The bank for the most part sailed out of the 2008 Crash. Aside from the “London whale” incident, the Obama years have been very good ones for the bank. 

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Dept of Justice Tries to Turn FedEx and UPS into Cops, Big Pharma Applauds

The Department of Justice and the pharmaceutical industry are not keen on pharmaceutical mail order. According the the DOJ the concern is that people are ordering illegal drugs through the mail from overseas pharmacies. No doubt this is true.

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Lanny Breuer Leaving DOJ for $4 Million/Year Job at Eric Holder’s (old and likely future) Law Firm

Man, that revolving door just keeps on turning. I am so glad to hear that the guy who deemed HSBC too “big to jail” is going back to be a white collar defense attorney. That he’s going back to defend the banks. I don’t see how a $4 million/year job could have influenced his tenure at Justice or anything.

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Mini-horses, according to the Justice Department, are just as good as dogs as guide animals. Better make room business owners.

I am not inclined to let horses inside my house, mini or otherwise, but I’d happily let one in if a friend needed it to get around. However, I still reserve the right to say yes or no to my friend.

According to the Department of Justice business owners have no such right.

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