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Urban America is a disaster because of decades of big, crony infested government

In the attached article Kevin D. Williamson associates functionality and competence a little too closely with Republicans. Saying this his analysis otherwise is right on.

What we saw in Baltimore this week is a symptom of big government urban politics. Why are places like Detroit, much of Chicago, St. Louis, Philly, still large parts of New York, Atlanta, Richmond, a good part of Washington DC, and dozens more cities so poor and so dysfunctional? Largely (but not solely), because in these places the reality of the marketplace is not embraced. (At least not the legal marketplace.)

Why do businesses leave these cities? For many reasons. But a big part is because taxes are too high in major cities, almost across the board. Or perhaps like Seattle the minimum wage is being pushed up to levels which are divorced from reality, which also acts as a tax. There is a reason some cities feel like skeletons, because the business community long ago was picked clean. Urban America killed the goose that laid the golden tax base egg. Now it wonders why all the jobs are gone.

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Court Lets Government Motors Keep its Liability Shield and Screw Over Crash Victims

Government Motors is a big black hole of dysfunction. People forget that prior to the 2008 Crash people referred to GM as a healthcare company which just happened to make cars. A pension crisis loomed like nobody had seen too.

Then, poof. World goes into a depression and the union workers get their healthcare and pensions taken care of. Funny how that worked.

GM should be dead and the world would be better for it. Its bailout (along with the big banks) is a disgusting chapter in American history. And as we see in the article attached the bailout continues.

(From Reason)

“This ruling padlocks the courthouse doors. Hundreds of victims and their families will go to bed tonight forever deprived of justice. GM, bathing in billions, may now turn its back on the dead and injured, worry free.”

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Rand Paul courts the black vote

If the GOP was seen as a party of genuine free enterprise (I know, don’t laugh), which made the case to all people that free markets and free prices generate prosperity and that government intervention and cronyism lead to stagnation and despair, the party could make serious progress with non-white voters.

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Report cites “utter incompetence”: As Recalls Mount, Was It Worth Bailing Out the ‘Old GM’?

No it was not. There are a few union members who made out like bandits and a few more senior managers who got to keep their very generous pensions. It was worth it for the president because he was able to sway Michigan and Ohio by convincing people the auto bailout was for them. But for the rest of us, the world would be better off if GM had died in 2009.

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How GM betrayed its customers

We’ve said multiple times that GM is a company which deserved and deserves to die. It is a shame that this company still treads the earth along with the rest of the herd of bailout dinosaurs.

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How Motown Gets its Mojo Back, Rand Paul’s “Freedom Zone” Idea

This week Senator Rand Paul, who is likely running for president, suggested that Congress act to pass legislation which would declare Detroit an economic “freedom zone.” That is to lower taxes in Detroit to near 0% levels spurring business activity and development.

We at Against Crony Capitalism wholeheartedly agree with this idea. We even called for something similar last year. Unleash the market in Detroit and the city will bloom.

Few cities have been as ravaged by inept governing and crony capitalism as Detroit has. Because of decades of mismanagement and neglect what was once one of the great cities of the world is now a rusting heap. But it need not remain so.

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Detroit to get $300 million in taxpayer funds

This isn’t a bailout, a bailout would be much larger, but it is a gift (paid for by you) from the Feds. Mostly a political move to placate some of the restless Dem party loyalists who would like far more for Detroit, I am surprised it isn’t a greater sum. In the end it probably will be.

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