Trump ‘Assassination’ Play Still Funded by Time Warner (CNN’s parent), Taxpayers

Lots of Trump voters still do business with these Time Warner companies.

Now I wonder why Time Warner is funding a play about Trump’s assassination?

It’s like they might have some corporate interest in making life hard for Trump. It’s like the company might have something to lose if people started to think critically about the narratives formed by Time Warner’s companies like CNN, Disney, ESPN, Time “magazine,” Headline News, People Magazine and so on.

Tell me again how there is no “corporate Left.”  

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Top tax-writing Republican says TPP trade deal not dead in Congress

This is one people need to watch closely. The Trans Pacific Partnership was a deal done in secret that represents managed trade, that is trade for large vested interests, not “free trade.” One does not need an agreement for free trade. Just let companies trade with one another across borders. Simple. (We are very much for real free trade.)

No, Hollywood, Pharma, many other interests want a trade framework which they can control and that is what the TPP appears to be.

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A collection of VA scandals over the past few years (Too many to list in one post)

This is not exhaustive but in light of the recent statement by the Veterans Affairs chief comparing waiting for treatment at VA hospitals to waiting in line at Disney World we figured we’d post some of the other VA stories we’ve done relatively recently. The level of dysfunction at the agency is remarkable. This is what “single payer” healthcare looks like, slow, red tape, top heavy crony administration, people dying waiting for treatment.


307,000 veterans died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care,

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Free Mickey Mouse! Copyright law, crony capitalism, and economic growth

Copyright in this country is a huge gift granted by Congress which benefits large media corporations primarily. Copyright as it is now,  life of the creator plus 70 years, stifles innovation and creation. In so doing it stifles the overall economy.

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Copyright actually keeps many books off the market, study says

We have incredibly restrictive copyright laws in this country. Big media companies have made the media marketplace worse for the public with these laws and may have even worked against their own interests by lobbying for overly restrictive copyrights according to a new study.

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Crony Capitalism and “Intellectual Property,” Time to Change

Hollywood, the recording industry, and the cell phone companies are trying to hold technology back and in the process doing a disservice to the American consumer. Time to get with the times and accept that these industries must adapt or die.

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Rich Manhattan Moms Hire Handicapped Tour Guides So Kids Can Cut Lines at Disney World

There is nothing crony capitalist about this story. It’s just so insane I had to share. How could anyone feel so entitled? Not to mention that Disney will have to address the problem and will make things more difficult for the disabled to enjoy the park. Pretty classy move Manhattan moms.

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