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Neoconservatives wary of real conservative becoming president

The term “neo-conservative” or “neocon” is often thrown around but few have a real grasp of the school of thought.

Basically it is a big government “conservative” position. Neoconservatism does not fear government and government expansion the way traditional or “paleoconservatives” do. Neocons believe, like progressives, that the state should be used to craft a better society. (At home and abroad.) It can be argued well that neo-conservatives are a branch of the progressive tradition in this country.

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Why do nearly all the super rich (with the exception of the Kochs and a couple others) support the Democrats?

Much has been made recently of the rich gaming the system for their own benefit. Of a new “guilded age.” Socialist economist Thomas Piketty’s new book has been getting rave reviews from all over the establishment because it makes the case that very powerful people with nearly bottomless bank accounts have gamed the system and that government induced redistribution is in order.

And indeed the rich have gamed the system for their benefit, but as Matthew Continetti points out in the attached article, the game the super rich want to play for the most part is not one of free markets and open competition, but one of crony capitalism.

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Guess who funds Podesta’s Center for American Progress? Goldman Sachs, Northrup Grumman, GE, NBC, THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES – The entire list is HERE

One might assume that the “progressive” think tank The Center for American Progress is funded solely by George Soros (The organization was founded by Soros and he does fund part of CAP) and companies like Ben and Jerry’s and Patagonia, but one would be wrong. Turns out this bastion of statist thinking is funded by a who’s who of big time corporate America.

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