More Crony Media: Drudge Report to be regulated by the Federal Government? (The thought police are coming)

The establishment, especially but not solely the establishment Left, is concerned with the rise of online news. Since the dawn of mass media statists have basically controlled the information outlets. The official narrative was until recently controlled by gatekeepers who usually heralded from the Northeast, went to certain colleges, and had a certain worldview. Anything which contradicted the media consensus narrative could be tossed aside as “outside of the mainstream” and therefore illegitimate.

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Matt Drudge, founder of perhaps the most important news site in the world says, It’s authoritarian vs. libertarian now

Well, the times are a’ changing.

Matt Drudge, founder of The Drudge Report tweeted this earlier today. Better watch out statists. People are really waking up. On second thought statists, just keep doing what you are doing.

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Old Media is in Lock Step with the Obama Administration

Long have conservatives and libertarians accepted the left bias of the “mainstream” or “old” media. Until very recently It has been understood by those not of the big government disposition that in order to understand at least what was sort of going on in the world one needed to compensate for the bias. This was how I grew up. NBC News was where the news came from in my house, with a bit more from my local newspaper, but that was before the Internet.

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