Baltimore Cop Doesn’t Realize His Body Camera Is Filming, Films Himself Planting Drugs At Crime Scene

Baltimore might be my least favorite big city, for a host of reasons. I’ve taken the train in to see the Army/Navy Game mutiple times and the place looks like something out of Mad Max almost. It looks like what many big cities looked like in the mid 80s. That is, a wasteland.

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Ron Paul – The Drug War: Will the Trump Administration OD on Authoritarianism?

By Ron Paul

Last week Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered federal prosecutors in drug cases to seek the maximum penalty authorized by federal mandatory minimum sentencing laws. Sessions’ order represents a setback to the progress made toward restoring compassion and common sense to the sentencing process over the past few years. Sessions’ action also guarantees that many nonviolent drug law offenders will continue spending more time in prison than murderers.

Sessions’ support for mandatory minimums is no surprise,

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A potentially HUGE mistake for the Trump DOJ : Sessions Wants To Bring Back Reagan-Era Drug Policies

We thought that a detente had been reached with AG Sessions on the pot issue. We thought we had all agreed that there are probably more important things for the Department of Justice to focus on than on legal weed. Lord knows there are.

It seems to us that marijuana is clearly a state issue per the Constitution. It would appear to fall solidly under the 10th Amendment. (As should any number of issues.) As a presumed fan of federalism and smaller government Mr.

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Marijuana Prohibition is Stupid: Trump’s Pick for Attorney General Is a ‘Drug War Dinosaur’

If there was one fear I had with a Trump presidency (on the domestic front) it was that he would appoint a prohibitionist as Attorney General. I feared that Chris Christie the cop might find his way into the role. Thankfully he didn’t. Senator Jeff Sessions has however.

We have respect for Senator Sessions. We disagree with him on a number of issues but again, we have respect. On marijuana however, I fear he’s terrible.

About the only thing I can see that is positive that came out of the Obama years is the fact that some states began to assert their rights under the 10th Amendment and began to nullify pot prohibition.

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The “Drug War” is a Crony War: Corrupt cop comes clean, 50-60 convictions overturned, Cop goes to jail and asks for forgiveness (VIDEO)

The question is fundamentally what is worse, the drugs or the drug war? It seems clear to me that the drug war is far worse.

The drug war destroys lives of innocent people. It incentivises police corruption. It incentivizes the distribution of hard drugs. It puts money into the pockets of organized crime. It often keeps people who need help from getting help. It undermines our very Constitution. The drug war is a failed and very expensive social experiment.

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Murray Rothbard on Drug War stupidity (VIDEO)

A good bit of the nastiness we see in American streets is at least partially as a result of our almost suicidal war on drugs.

Why do we even have a war on drugs at this point? It’s obviously failed. Nearly everyone acknowledges this. Yet it continues.

The answer is the state and the various parts of the anti-drug industry want drugs to remain illegal. (Pharma’s happy to see drugs illegal too for obvious reasons.) If we had no drug war police would have to concern themselves only with things like rape and murder which means fewer cops.

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Federal drug war is failing on multiple fronts, government watchdog says (‘Failed’ is probably a better word.)

“To say that all the things that have been done in the war on drugs haven’t made any difference is ridiculous,” Walters said. “It destroys everything we’ve done. It’s saying all the people involved in law enforcment, treatment and prevention have been wasting their time. It’s saying all these people’s work is misguided.” – John P. Walters (Former drug ‘czar.’)

This is fundamentally why many who prosecute the drug war want to continue it.

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The collapse of pot prohibition divides Republicans and exposes fair-weather federalists

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. – The 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution

Sorry but if one believes in following the Constitution one should have absolutely no beef with cannabis legalization on a state level. It is clearly a state issue if one understands the 10th Amendment. The federal government has no business prohibiting use in the states.

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The war on drugs began 100 years ago today: Let’s hope it doesn’t last another century

Woodrow Wilson was a flat out terrible president. Maybe the worst we ever had. The Federal Reserve Act. The Income Tax. World War 1. The Harrison Narcotics Tax Act. All were on his watch and all were radical reworks of American life. All were “progressive” dreams. (So was alcohol prohibition which would come 5 years later.)

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